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What is XNC (Xenioscoin), and how can investors purchase it?


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Indeed, the crypto industry has, since its 2013 boom, continued to record a series of virtual assets. As the industry continues to expand, the number of crypto projects or assets increases. Today, there are thousands of crypto assets rocking the virtual sphere, with over hundreds in the limelight. Undoubtedly, one of the existing crypto assets is the XeniosCoin (XNC). Just like other forms of virtual assets, the XNC is one of the available crypto assets available for investors to explore within the sphere. With this article, new and existing investors will learn more about the rudiments of the XNC virtual currency, its background, and how they can seamlessly acquire it.

A background check on XNC and its native blockchain

According to reports, the XeniosCoin manifested in 2019 as a semi-stablecoin by Greek investors, known as Emmanouil Kafouros and Anastasios Oureilidis. The project runs as a proof-work or proof-of-stake asset. Additionally, its developer programmed the XNC to become a business and asset management-based asset. Without a doubt, the currency is yet to come into the limelight, like BTC, Ether, Doge, and all.

However, considering the fact that it manifested barely three years ago, one can still conclude that the currency cannot be written off yet. Despite its unpopularity, it has comfortably secured the backing of the Hellenic Blockchain Association. Reportedly, the protocol intends to subscribe to the coin as its adopted asset for every subscription payment made by members of the association. Typically, the crypto asset avails reliable, speedy, anonymous, and effective transactions.

Xenios blockchain

The XNC coin has its own native blockchain, identified as Xenios. According to reports, the coin and its native blockchain became named after the Greek god, identified as Zeus Xenios. Notably, the XNC or Xenioscoin native blockchain usually offers a frictionless transaction cost. This simply means that it allows for near-zero fees transactions irrespective of the number of blocks transmitted in a single transfer of virtual assets.

Additionally, the blockchain runs by enabling the verification of thousands of transactions within a minute. Similarly, it possesses the capacity to process over 20,000 micro transactions within a minute. This thus makes it an efficient, reliable and scalable blockchain solution.

As designed, the Xenios blockchain also enjoys a remarkable macroeconomic mechanism. This mechanism, as designed, helps to consistently stabilize the minimum price, thereby availing unlimited liquidity for its corporate investors. Worth noting that this structure usually functions effectively even during bear markets. This features help to unite the gap between unstable crypto and stable stablecoin.

Now, XNC possesses a total supply of 100,413,374. Similarly, it possesses a circulating supply of 76, 473, 246 XNC. Additionally, about 12,000,00 XNC stands locked up to 2024 as allocation for the Xenios team. Also, its developers intend to distribute 17,000,000 XNC as rewards for blocks to masternode holders. Similarly, there are still about 2,500,000 XNC to be mined.

Xenios and its development journey

Notably, the development of this project has undergone massive development journey since creation. In 2019, its developers conducted the Xenios chain’s first deployment. Notably, in 2020, the real-time market test of the blockchain’s semi-stable structure and well as its native wallet became fully initiated. Same year, it also witnessed the establishment of its group limited and the deployment of the hybrid script X11 algorithm. Similarly, the xenios team expanded its employee base, unveil a mobile wallet software and a masternode structure.

According to a document by the team, the project also recorded its website UI design and a 900% upgrade in ROI. Additionally, in 2021, Xenios recorded a new presence of shareholders, the unveiling of its new subsidiary, and market deployment. As the project proceeded through the year, it experienced a more extensive team expansion, an unveiling of the Android version of its markets, full entry into DeFi and NFT proof of concept.

Xenios ended the year on a better note after recording additional feats. According to its whitepaper, the team unveiled its payment gateway, an iOS version of its markets, updated mobile wallet versions, XNC staking, and a host of others. It also saw an expansion into the middle east and Asian markets in early 2022. More so, its all-in-one app was launched and made accessible to users.

Xenios project still poses for future development

Indeed, the above means the project has consistently undergone a series of development in recent times. Now, it appears more likely to record many more even before the end of 2022 and beyond.

Analyzing the future of XNC token

As a business and investment-oriented cryptocurrency XNC, the future of the token is promising. There are strong indications that the project has come to stay due to the plans of the developers. These indications are strengthened by the unique business model of the token. The developers of the XNC aim to attract more utility for the token with a global vision.

According to their long-term plan, XNC will serve as a means of payment for numerous services. The developer intends to grow the token for adoption by many businesses and enterprises around the globe. A distinctive part of this plan is Xenios Hotels & Flight, a firm offering accommodation, travel, and tours, among other services. The XNC will be solely tied to this chain of business, allowing the token to be the only accepted means of payment.

Xenioscoin and its real-life value

The XNC is designed to be a virtual token that has the value of real-life currencies in terms of utility. The token is gradually gaining recognition and respect from notable actors in the cryptocurrency space. The token has gained recognition and support by notable organizations like the Hellenic Blockchain association. The association reveals members who wish to subscribe as yearly members of the association can pay using the token.

Furthermore, the investment initiative will add more value and relevance to the XeniosCoin price. Therefore, ensuring more utility for the token will soaring its price as well. With the plan, the XNC token will attain a balanced level of stability while staking up wealth for investors. Also, XeniosCoin is among the prominent growing altcoins Investors can trust. Though the token is liable to endure similar problems like other virtual assets, yet its early signs of prosperity can be a point of relief for investors.

Similarly, the token offers good scalability alongside the security incentives it provides. The indications for a prosperous future of the XNC tokens are too glittering to ignore. Still, investors must take a cautious approach before investing into it. They must embark on a personal comprehensive research to determine whether it’s safe to invest in it or not.

Investing in the token

It’s imperative to admit that any investment into the token may not give instant profit. As an emerging altcoin, investors who are aiming to invest in the XNC must embrace the reality that their investment is a long-term one. Therefore, investors must ignore the charts and bar every temptation or pressure in other to hodl the token for a long time.

Presently, the token currently enjoys a fair value, which reflects a good position compared to its emerging counterparts. In the last 24 hours, the token has witnessed a massive increment of about 73.83%. The figure makes XNC as one of the fastest growing tokens.

Worth pointing out that the XNC token possesses a good price advantage over its counterparts. Despite having a good price advantage, both tokens are well established than the XNC. Admitting that the two tokens are more popular than the XNC further highlights why the token is way behind.

Despite having a solid innovative plan, one must admit that the XNC has a long journey ahead of it. Investors should be more concerned about how long the token will withstand pressure and command its desired respect. Even Doge and Shiba Inu currently have backup and utility-oriented initiatives than XNC, yet their feet seem shaky.

How To Buy XNC Token

Investors can acquire the XeniosCoin via numerous payment systems or means. As the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, investors can buy XNC by first buying one of the most popular tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Consequently, using the acquired token to purchase the XNC. Still, there are other ways with which investors can directly purchase via fiats payment through debit/credit card.

Investors can turn to the Uphold cryptocurrency exchange, register with the platform. Using Uphold, investors are mandated to successfully complete their KYC process and then add their preferred payment method. This could either be through card or bank transfer, either way, the user will be charged to pay a certain percentage as charges. The prices of the charges vary from depending on the current price of the token, card issuer and others.

The user should proceed to the ‘Transact Screen under the ‘From Field’ select your preferred Fiat and then click on ‘Bitcoin’. Users must click on ‘Review’ to confirm it the order is good, they can proceed to ‘confirm’ if it’s error-free. The end progress should confirm the purchase of the Bitcoin.

From there, investors can move the Bitcoin to other cryptocurrency exchange that allows the purchase and swapping of the XeniosCoin. These cryptocurrency exchanges are Gate.io, MEXC Global, Binance and Finexbox. Afterward, users can proceed to send it back to their Uphold wallets.

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