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Best Investment Portfolio : Emerging or Existing Coin?


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Best Investment Portfolio; The increasing popularity of Cryptocurrency is attracting the industry more investors. There is no need for emphasis to establish that there are a lot of opportunities to explore in the industry. We’ve witnessed numerous development in the crypto sphere that validates it as a haven of vast opportunity.

There are various types of investments in the crypto sphere that can as well return lucrative dividends both actively and passively. Thus, leaving one with a load of options to pick from and earn nicely. Nevertheless, one of the most prominent ways of earning via cryptocurrency is acquiring coins and waiting for them to grow. There is a long list of tokens to pick and invest in.

The vast types of coins are obviously leaving investors with the dilemma of which coin to invest in. Therefore investors must be very careful before investing in crypto, and they must design the best investment Portfolio before pumping money into it.

Without a doubt, new projects and tokens keep flooding into the crypto sphere, while existing coins continue to forge ahead. The variety of coins in the crypto sphere can pose as a blessing and at the same time a dangerous mechanism.

This article aims to evaluate existing and emerging tokens that are safer to invest in. However, it’s imperative to note that the investor is responsible for the final decision clued from the analysis therein. This implies that every risk attached to the final decision lies solely on the investor leaving the author out of any future decision.

Factors that Determine Best Investment Portfolio

Furthermore, investors are with options to either pick from existing coins or emerging ones that are cheaper but with a promising future. There are various factors one must consider before settling for one of the two. Existing tokens provide more guarantees than emerging tokens due to the increasing scam of Pump and Dump.

Emerging Tokens are more suitable for long-term investment plans, they offer investors the opportunity to acquire more tokens at a cheaper rate. Returns get to grow the more these tokens grow, giving the investors more to take home. Noting emerging tokens requires great scouting skills by investors because emerging tokens are mostly populated by projects with short spans.

There are numerous cases where investors have lost their investment. Mischievous inventors or influencers often launch different tokens to scam people. They pump a lot of money into promoting their scandalous projects, projecting them as promising tokens. Once investors start pumping money into it, they then dump the project carting away millions.

Nevertheless, some emerging tokens are determined to stay and compete in the crypto sphere. These projects are void of mischievous intentions, but how do investors spot these emerging tokens. We’ve come to realize that marketing and promotion of tokens don’t guarantee whether it’s meant to stay.

Therefore, investors must be very careful not to fall for any promotional stunts to put in their investment. Instead, they should take their time and study the progress of the token, and its progress. This process takes years of monitoring and research, which makes it mandatory for investors to desist from embracing projects at early-launch.


Also, the best investment portfolio shouldn’t be on either emerging or existing tokens alone. It’s best if investors can spread their investment between these two. The reason isn’t far-fetched, because it will guarantee a sort of exploration and investment security for the investor.

Spreading investment between the two will enable investors tap into the long-term growth of emerging tokens. At the same time, the stability and confidence of existing tokens will provide a shield for the investment. Above all, it is essential to note that cryptocurrency is volatile which emphasizes that there’s no assurance over price stability.

Lastly, irrespective of the type of token one invest in one thing is synonymous with the crypto sphere; its tendency to grow over years. Despite the increasing death and birth of tokens in the industry, well-established tokens like Ethereum and Bitcoin keep growing. While emerging ones are showing promising signs and initiating numerous projects.

In addition to the recommendation regarding the Best Investment Portfolio, investors must stop seeing crypto as a speculative tool. Being speculative is similar to gambling, which sorely focuses on taking a risk for short-term gains. Overall, investors must embrace crypto as a long-term investment option. Invest and leave their tokens to appreciate for a long period of time.

Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye is a professional reporter with vast experience in web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFT journalism. He enjoys writing about the evolving metaverse sphere and the prevalence in the crypto sphere. Notably, some of his contents have been published in numerous international publications. Away from the crypto world, Olaleye is a political scientist and a lover of football

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