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Web3 adoption; Aura Network, ONUS Chain collaborates


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Aura Network has collaborated with ONUS Chain to drive the adoption of Web3 in Southeast Asia. The development surfaced today via a blog post, highlighting some of the drivers of the collaboration. As revealed, the collaboration is a reflection of the continuous effort by Aura Network to push for the mass adoption of Web3.

More so, the two firms will join forces together to develop and promote new use cases for NFTs. However, Aura Network and ONUS Chain will as well work towards making other blockchain-based solution become available to users in the region. The announcement also indicated how the two partners will benefit from the synergy.

As revealed, Aura Network will leverage ONUS Chain’s vast user base to attract more network activities to its ecosystem. Consequently, ONUS Chain will dive into Aura Network’s blockchain expertise to enhance its services across the Web3 space. The move is in line with Aura Network’s focus on accelerating the global adoption of NFTs. The firm is working on designing an Internet of NFTs with the intention of onboarding more users to the Web3 and NFTs space.

In addition, the announcement provided insight into some of the features of ONUS Chain. Aura Network through the announcement described ONUS Chain as a high-performance, secure, and EVM-compatible smart contract outlet. As indicated, it is designed on the BNB Application sidechain and it uses a Proof-of-Stake-Authority consensus mechanism.

Further details provided by Aura Network revealed that ONUS Chain provides fast transaction speed and charges low fees on transactions. According to findings, the Chain is committed to ushering in the mass adoption of Web3 and DeFi. To achieve this goal, the Chain provides a user-friendly blockchain architecture for developers. Also, it can be utilized for network security, network fees, crypto payments, and on-chain governance.

Efforts by Aura Network to advance its ecosystem

On February 23, 2023, Aura Network launched its automated blockchain data-tracking tool, AuraScan. Then, the firm revealed that the tool will provide a swift pathway to on-chain data. The solution emanated as an attempt to banish the manual tracking of blockchain data. AuraScan as described by its developer is designed to help developers to access on-chain data swiftly. Therefore, providing time for them to focus on their building task.

Worth mentioning that the introduction of AuraScan came into play in order to attract more users to the Aura Network. The latest collaboration with ONUS Chain will serve as a boost toward actualizing the goal.

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