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Aura network unveils automated blockchain tracking solution


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Aura Network has unveiled an automated blockchain data-tracking solution; AuraScan. As revealed in a thread of Twitter post today, the network gave insight into the features of AuraScan. According to the post, the new solution is equipped with Lookup capabilities aiding users to access data seamlessly.

Other notable features of the solution as revealed by Aura Network are Token Price, Price Change, 24-hours trading volume, circulating market cap, on-chain market cap, token holders, etc. In the announcement, the firm described AuraScan as one of the few Cosmos-based blockchain browsers with a built-in tool that supports smart contracts.

More so, AuraNetwork revealed that it intends to banish the use of manual blockchain data tracking era. The firm is confident that AuraScan will be a game changer as some of its notable features will attract users. However, Aura Network revealed that the solution is designed to unveil numerous APIs for developers. With that, the firm established developers can get on-chain information to enhance efficiency and save time.

Furthermore, the network revealed that AuraScan supports the Aura Chain. Therefore, the solution has more contract-related functions with the host chain. Some of these functions include the verification and display contracts for other CosmWasm-based solutions. Similarly, Aura Network stated that with the Solution’s robust system and its compatibility with CosmWasm based, users will have absolute control over their transactions and visibility of assets.

The thread also addresses how the solution is governed by a DAO. Aura Network stated that the solution has tool like delegation and proposal voting. A feature the firm describes as an aid to let users participate in AuraScan’s governance.

Side notes about Aura Network

Meanwhile, Aura Network revealed that AuraScan is an ultimate solution for quality blockchain explorer. The firm illuminates that the solution is equipped with a friendly interface, insightful data visualizations, and analytical tools for smart contracts.

The host grid of AuraScan, Aura Network is a layer-1 NFT-centric blockchain. At inception, the network focuses on the expansion of NFTs limit across the crypto and web3 space. Also, the blockchain intends to become a reliable network for minting, evaluating, querying, and facilitating NFTs transactions.

Additionally, the network provides infrastructure that aids the entire NFTs sphere, assisting artists, minters, and traders. Lastly, the network has a native token identified as $AURA. According to Coinmarketcap, the token is presently trading at $0.07077.

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