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Web3 storage platform, BNB Greenfield Congo Testnet goes Live


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Today, BNB announced the launching of its Greenfield Testnet “Congo” calling on network participants to shape the future of data ownership in Web3. In the announcement, the BNB team urged Testnet validators, Storage Providers (SPs), and dApp Builders to join the decentralized storage tech stack. The firm likened the innovation to Web2 cloud storage, stating that BNB Greenfield will offer the fastest data service among its peers.

As announced, the latest development represents a significant milestone as the project implements some of the core features highlighted in its white paper. Also, the firm indicated that the testnet and mainnet will be launched by the third quarter of the year. Accordingly, the launching of BNB Greenfield mainnet will birth the availability of various dApp data sets. With that, BNB stated that the growth of its ecosystem will hit a new height and it will ease data-related innovation compared to other networks.

Further, the team provided insight into the basic functionalities of the BNB Greenfield. As revealed, the announcement described the project as an innovative storage platform. As stated, the project aims to unravel the power of decentralized technology on data ownership and economy. Also, the open-source storage chain will adopt BNB as its token. The innovation will ease storing and management of data by setting up an ownership link with the DeFi context of BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

More so, the aformentioned initiative surfaced as part of BNB Greenfield’s focus on facilitating decentralized data management and access. The project offers developers variety of explorable features. Some of these are account creation, data storage, node validation, staking, storage provision, cross-chain communication, and access control. BNB in the announcement established that the Testnet Congo will place Greenfield in a position that will aid it to attract widespread adoption.

Three Basic Components of BNB Greenfield

Despite Likening the project to Web2 cloud storage, the BNB team provided insights into what distinguishes it from its counterpart. Consequently, the team highlighted the three major components of the BNB Greenfield. These components as revealed are Data Ownership, High Performance Rich API/SDK, and EVM Compatibility by integration with BSC.

Furthermore, the BNB Greenfield gives users control over their data. With that, users can grant permissions manually or programmatically. Also, it allows Ethereum-compatible addresses to create and manage data. Lastly, the innovation provides developers with similar API primitives and performance to the present Web2 cloud storage.

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