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Bitget, Bitkeep announces support for Sui futures airdrop


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Today, a combined effort of Bitget and Bitkeep initiated the launching of an airdrop campaign for the Sui Futures token ($SUIBAG). According to a blog post on Bitkeep’s page, the effort surfaced to show support for the advancement of the Sui ecosystem and the innovation of Layer 1 blockchains.

To partake in the campaign, Bitkeep listed some tasks in which interested participants must participate to claim their rewards. More so, completing the tasks and holding SUIBG will offer participants the pathway of claiming real Sui tokens in the nearest future. Accordingly, Bitkeep revealed that it has the backing of top projects in the Sui ecosystem to carry out the campaign.

Meanwhile, prior to the announcement of Bitkeep, popular Blockchain security firm, Certik raised an alarm about fake SUI airdrops flying around various media. In a Tweet, Certik listed a malicious Twitter account claiming to be the Sui team. As revealed, the account has been promoting a phishing site that is capable of draining wallets if interacted with.

Now, the Sui network will be aiming to place itself among other top ecosystems in the crypto space. According to Bitkeep’s announcement, the firm described Sui as a project that opens up a multitude of possibilities for finance, digital commerce, and blockchain games. So far, other cryptocurrency exchanges like OKX, KuCoin, and ByStarter have shown support for the network.

Side notes about Sui

Worth mentioning that Sui is working to position itself as the first fully permissionless layer1 blockchain. The network is gaining prominence for its advanced security and speed. Transactions with the ecosystem are completed almost instantly. However, the network is facing stern competition from other blockchains that offer similar innovation.

Recall that on February 28, 2023, the network announced that it has concluded its Wave2 Testnet stage. Accordingly, the Layer 1 network submitted that it is edging towards its Mainnet launch. Presently, there are indications that the network will be launched by the second quarter of 2023.

Also, the Sui team provided insight into the completion of the Wave2 Testnet. The firm highlighted how the process witnessed the staking of 1.3 million SUI through 7.35 million transactions. In total, 36.5 million transactions took place during the process, requiring the assitance of 41 validators and more than 700 nodes.

As it stands, there are growing doubts and criticism about the project due to its delayed launch. The project came under huge scrutiny after Aptos was launched in 2022.

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