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Yuga Labs gamifies NFTs minting process with Dookey Dash


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In an innovative dimension, Yuga Labs, via a post on its Twitter page today, unveiled a new NFTs game. As revealed, the Game; Dookey Dash is an attempt by the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection to mint new NFTs through task and gaming activities.

Additionally, the contents of the announcement include some notable features about the game and its play line. According to Yuga Labs, players must navigate through a BAYC sewer to earn NFTs rewards. To participate, a gamer must have the BAYC sewer.

Presently, the sewer is unavailable, but the team indicated that by January 17, BAYC holders can start claiming them freely. Though anyone with a sewer pass can play for free, however, only BAYC and MAYC holders can claim sewer pass for free.

As stated in the announcement, there is a deadline for Sewer Pass claim and skill based Dookey Dash. Meanwhile, the team didn’t disclose the exact time but it divulged that the pathway to claims will close by February 8. A week later, the validated sewer passes can transform into a new mysterious power source.

How Yuga Labs’ Otherdeed NFTs collection disrupted the Ethereum Network

Recall that in May 2022, Yuga Labs made major headlines after the auction of its Otherdeed NFTs disrupted the smooth running of the Ethereum network. The demands for the collection resulted in high traffic on the Ethereum network, causing minters to lose about $44 million.

Due to the traffic, gas fee on the Ethereum network skyrocketed, compelling minters to pay as much as 2.5 ETH for their transactions. The news erupted the crypto Twitter community, as many demanded refunds for failed transactions. More so, it needed the intervention of the Yuga Labs team to control the situation.

Worth noting that during the minting process, the value of $APE soared, reaching as high as $26.70 on April 28. Following the controversies surrounding the Otherdeed minting exercise, $APE suffered a sharp decline. Since then, the token struggled for stability, dipping as low as $2.63.

Furthermore, the coin is owned and run by the ApeCoin DAO with Yuga Labs as one of the main contributors to the coin. Also, the firm is a community member of the DAO. The team intends to utilize $APE as primary token in future undertakings. According to CoinCodex, the token presently trades at $4.91.

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