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The Sandbox partners Tsubasa to advance football manga


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A popular decentralized gaming virtual world, identified as The Sandbox recently announced its partnership with Tsubasa and Minto Inc to take Captain Tsubasa to the metaverse. The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca brands confirmed the partnership in a tweet relayed via its verified handle on Wednesday. As reported, Captain Tsubasa manifested as a renowned football manga that has sold over 80 million copies across the globe.

Meanwhile, Minto Inc functions as an enabler of the creator economy for manga and anime brands. With this partnership, it plans to co-produce the innovative migration of the football manga into the sandbox metaverse. This move thus makes Tsubasa Captain the first Japanese Manga invention to enter The Sandbox. Furthermore, it gives the popular football game its first arrival in the metaverse.

Additionally, Captain Tsubasa runs as a manga with the feature of a character of Tsubasa Ozora. Also, this character as portrayed is 11-year-old, loves to play football, and aims to become the world’s best player. More so, Tsubasa prioritizes his motto, revealed as “the ball is my friend”. Furthermore, he reportedly devised the motto after a football saved him from an auto crash. The 11-year-old seems to have actualized his goal after becoming a football star in Brazil, Japan, and European countries.

Now, the innovation of the Captain Tsubasa manga and anime avails fans across the globe with a football gaming experience. According to reports, the franchise associated with the property overwhelmingly attracts numerous international football players. The new partnership tends to help promote a variety of Captain Tsubasa collaborations and projects instituted on The Sandbox.

The SandBox Co-founder reacts to the partnership deal

According to the Co-founder of the gaming world, Sebastien Borget, the comics, and animations associated with Captain Tsubasa globalized the Japanese Manga culture in the 80s. The co-founder further that the series grossly attracted millions of youthful fans across the globe, including himself. Also, Borget said the innovative migration of the iconic series into The Sandbox appears like a dream come true to him.

Lastly, he further that availing fans with full ownership of Captain Tsubasa items tend to empower gamers to initiate their own user-generated football-themed experiences. This, according to him entails featuring their favorite players to expand the influence of Tsubasa Ozora on the emerging generations of football fans. With this deal, Captain Tsubasa joins over 300 existing partners of The Sandbox. As of press time, the existing partners of the gaming world include, Cryptokitties, Snoop Dog, Adidas, and a host of others.

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