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Singapore-based exchange, Crypto.com unveils Google Pay in-app


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A popular Singapore-based exchange, identified as Crypto.com has now launched a Google Pay in-app purchase feature. The exchange announced the development in a tweet relayed on its handle on Monday. As revealed, the Google Pay in-app purchase features is designed to enable users acquire crypto products quickly.

According to the announcement, the new app runs as a fast, simple, and secure payment gateway that enables in-app purchases on mobile devices. Also, it reportedly allows users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, or smartwatches.

The Singapore-based exchange hinted that its subscribers who intend to access the service must, first of all, link their credit/debit card to their Google Pay. Afterward, they are expected to create their Google Pay account. This, as revealed, makes them eligible to use google pay to purchase 250+ top coins on the Crypto.com App.

Furthermore, the exchange advises users to follow these steps while purchasing with Google Pay. As reported, they need to click Trade on the homepage in the Crypto.com App. Afterward, they need to click on the Buy option and Select their preferred cryptocurrency. Under the Cash section, they are to select Google pay and click the Buy button again.

Similarly, the Singapore-based exchange expects users to click on the Checkbox to accept the card processing fee before using the Continue feature. Afterward, they need to Click on Confirm option to complete the transaction.

Reportedly, once the transaction becomes completed, users would see the balance automatically uploaded to their crypto wallets. This consequently allows them to access their transactions history on Crypto.com App.

Crypto.com expanding its coast beyond Europe

Recall that Crypto.com recently obtained a license from Cyprus government to extend its services to the country. As revealed, the license obtained helps to enable the exchange deliver its products and services to customers in Cyprus while complying with local regulations. According to the firm, the just secured feat aligns with its goal to establish a global presence.

More so, the exchange secured a regulatory license from Organismo Agentie Mediatori(OAM) a week ago. The approval, as revealed, allows the firm to provide virtual currency and digital wallet services in Italy.

More so, it allows crypto.com to offer a variety of products and services to Italian customers in adherence to local regulations. The exchange also got registration approvals in Greece, Dubai, and many more. However, as of today, Crypto.com offers an avenue for customers to trade over 250 cryptocurrencies and many more.

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