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University of Tokyo to offer metaverse-based courses


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The University of Tokyo is introducing a number of metaverse-based courses into its curriculum. According to a local news report by The Asahi Shimbun, the courses, which are slated to be introduced later this year, will take place in the metaverse.

Who is eligible for the metaverse-based courses?

Japan is undoubtedly lagging behind in the number of skilled personnel working on rapidly evolving blockchain technology and the migration to Web 3.0. And that is exactly why the university is coming up with this project.

The report also highlights those who are eligible to take the metaverse-based courses. 

It says high school students as well as adult learners in the working class will have access to the courses. Summarily, “anyone, regardless of age, gender, social standing and area of residence, can learn about engineering and information science.”

Furthermore, the report shared more insights on how the courses will be delivered. The report clearly states that there will be no need to create a dedicated faculty for the metaverse-based courses. Rather, the programs will be delivered through the university’s faculty of Engineering and engineering-related graduate schools. And upon completion of these courses, students will then receive certificates.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that there will be an attempt to have more women undertake the programs. They are significantly under-represented in the engineering field and this has been identified as an issue.

Metaverse in Japan

For what it’s worth, Japan is gradually gravitating towards the metaverse. Recently, local citizens are beginning to get more involved, exploring interesting use cases of the technology.

To put this into perspective, Japan Today just reported some few hours ago, about a support group known as JACFA. They launched a virtual support room in the SecondLife Metaverse platform to help re-integrate reclusive people back into society.

Also, a notable event took place in April when about 3,800 students from around 29 trade schools reportedly had their 2022 opening ceremony in the Metaverse.

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