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Meta Hollywood, TheSandbox to develop hollywood-themed space


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A renowned virtual community initiated by Animoca Brands, Meta Hollywood has announced a new collaboration with Sandbox, another associate of Animoca Brands. As revealed, the collaboration will manifest the creation of a trailblazing virtual Hollywood-themed blackout movie studio on the metaverse.

Notable Features of the initiative

Further revelation indicates that Meta Hollywood has acquired a parcel of land in the Sandbox. With that, the community will host Hollywood-oriented events and program via the studio. Also, the community will bring on guests to the Sandbox to enjoy the numerous outstanding experience in the space. Part of these experiences includes red carpet premiere occasions, museum, action and horror sets.

Meanwhile, a notable feature of the initiative is a marketplace where guest can explore memorabilia and other Hollywood voxelized assets. The marketplace will base on Planet Hollywood’s physical life movie memorabilia compilation. Additionally, there’s an additional privilege for holders of the aforementioned assets. Owning them will birth exciting perks that matures alongside the new Parcel of Land.

Also, the COO and Founder of Sandbox, Sebastien Borget aired his opinion about the development. Borget illustrated how it will help movie enthusiasts belong to a part of Hollywood history. He said it will help them journey through a different adventure in the metaverse. Borget concluded that the initiative is a remarkable way of recreating legendary movies and reliving the adventures.

As the biggest digital community for movie enthusiasts, studios, and producers, Meta Hollywood intends to have a prominent presence in the Metaverse. Reflecting on the collaboration, the Co-Founder of Meta Hollywood, Robert Earl expressed his excitement. More so, Earl divulged that the collaboration will aid Meta Hollywood to provide community members with an outstanding experience in the Metaverse.

Furthermore, the Co-Founder said it will offer community members a platform to interact and possess assets in the virtual world. He conceded that the Web3 is the major push behind the innovation.

Side Notes on Meta Hollywood

As the initial Ecosystem for movie enthusiasts, Meta Hollywood offers exclusive entry into a world that combines Hollywood and Web3. The Meta Hollywood community gives more relevance to occasions within the Hollywood industry in the virtual world. Notably, It also offers movie enthusiasts the platform to have direct interaction with movie producers.

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