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Jim Prosser leaves CryptoVC Paradigm communications


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The head of communications of the Crypto venture capital paradigm, identified as Jim Prosser just announced his decision to leave the firm. Prosser made this disclosure in a Twitter post relayed through his official handle On Saturday. His decision to leave the CryptoVC is coming barely after a year that he started working at the firm.

Jim Prosser in the tweet overtly announced his decision to leave the firm next month. According to him, he has worked with a proficient team in the past decade which consequently aided his elaborate learning experience. Prosser, however, revealed his plan to quit the decade of demanding responsibility.

Before working with Paradigm, Jim Prosser previously worked for Twitter and SoFi as a communication executive. A year ago, Prosser after joining Paradigm noted that the firm appears young and must continue to position itself appropriately. According to reports, he hinted at the need for the firm to showcase the new technique undertaken to the world.

Jim Prosser revealed his next step after leaving Paradigm next month. According to the tweet, he intends to travel, enjoy family time, focus on his health, fix personal projects, and refill his tank.

How CryptoVC paradigm started

Founded in 2018, the CryptoVC paradigm grossly emerged as a crypto-oriented fund by Fred Ehrsam and Matt Huang. Prior to the establishment of CryptoVC, Ehrsam reportedly co-established Coinbase, a crypto exchange. Also, Matt Huang worked as a collaborative partner at Sequoia.

CryptoVC as a San Francisco-based fund since its establishment already lured series of investments from varieties of funds. As revealed, the funds include Sequoia and high-profile university endowments. Now, Stanford, Harvard, and Yale remain one of the renowned crypto investment ventures in assets under management.

In 2021, Paradigm publicly announced the biggest crypto fund, which amounted to $2.5 billion venture fund. Till now, Paradigm enjoys huge opportunities to better position itself in the texture of the crypto web. Also, the venture remains at the vanguard of crypto native VC firms, intending to outsmart investment establishments that cut across the expanding technology space. Few of the Paradigm’s investments entail FTX, Coinbase, Maker, BlockFi, Uniswap, and Sky Mavis.

Furthermore, Paradigm as at now made over 76 investments. Its most recent one manifested on May 10, 2022, after Jambo raised over $30 million. In diversity investments, the venture, according to reports instilled about 4 investments. As revealed, it recent diversity investment manifested when BlockFi raised $350 million last year.

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