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Torus Kling Blockchain, India’s First Crypto ETF Is Here


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Torus Kling Blockchain is going to be Indian’s first Bitcoin ETF. This will be a joint venture between Cosmea Financial Holdings (CFH) and Kling Trading India. As they’ve made a memorandum of understanding with India International Exchange.

We had only a Crypto futures ETF in the US until now. But, with this, India is going to be the second in the world and first in Asia to provide Bitcoin & Ethereum futures ETF. The Bitcoin & Ethereum futures ETF will also function as discount certificates tracking Metaverse large-cap stocks in US and European markets. This will be launched under a Sandbox.

As a result, Torus Kling Blockchain will act as a liquidity provider to India INX. Also, it’ll provide round-the-clock deep liquidity with smart order routing.

What is a Crypto or Bitcoin ETF?

Exchange-Traded Fund or ETF is a type of security through which you can track various indexes, sectors, commodities, or other assets.

This would help make a secure investment without taking the risk of getting involved with assets from one company. Also, It is termed as one of the best investment strategies for opening up a trade without having much to worry about.

They are traded on the exchange just like any other entity’s cryptocurrency or asset. So, you’d be able to trade Torus Kling Blockchain using any apps that you use for exchange, such as WazirX, CoinSwitch Kuber, and more.

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Views On The Launch of Torus Kling Blockchain

Mr. V. Balasubramaniam, Managing Director & CEO, India INX, has a lot to say on the matter. He says that this is not the only thing they have in mind when it comes to products related to digital assets.

Moreover, they’ve moved on to filing for new products in the upcoming time with regulations IFSCA under Regulatory Sandbox.

They are looking forward to creating benchmark offerings to derive their product innovation initiative and efficiently expand to international borders.

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