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NFTGO collaborates with Supraoracles for Web 3 advancement


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A renowned data aggregation venture, identified as NFTGO recently accepted the partnership of SupraOracles for the advancement of web3. This development was announced in a blog post on the official website of SupraOracles on Friday. Also, the collaboration intends to foster NFT experiences and gaming activities. As reported, NFTGO, occasioned by series of NFT-based experienced plans to enhance a robust digital economy.

In addition, NFTGO possesses and envelopes real-time data on NFT-related assets and transactions on its network. The data aggregation platform plans to use this as an avenue to satisfy its subscribers. This, however, becomes obtainable through the creation of awareness for them to have full knowledge of the trends in the NFT space. With this, the users become able to make better investments and trade NFT decisions.

Also, NFTGO as a data aggregation venture grossly provides users with the latest ratings of virtual collections, assets, holders, and whales. This becomes feasible based on the platform’s aggregated data. More so, the venture usually acquires NFT assets with good qualities. With this, NFTGO initiates a customized record premised on its metadata. As reported, this thus enables their subscribers to surf for NFT assets with ease. As a consequence, harnessing NFT assets become productive and manageable.

Furthermore, the data aggregation platform intends to instill a compilation, entailing NFT valuation standards. With this, it becomes very easy to stay abreast of the latest market trends in a bid to avail users with detailed information. As revealed, NFTGO will enjoy the partnership of SupraOracles, particularly in the authentication of NFTs. More so, both ventures plan to work together in availing data on the intuitions of users and jointly hosting the events.

SupraOracles CEO, NFTGO director give remarks on the partnership

According to the CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, Joshua Tobkin, NFTs appears to keep surging. Tobkin reiterates the excitement of the SupraOracles team in exploring the best NFT aggregation data solution. The CEO further that seeing NFTGO fostering the accessibility of required NFT details for everyone gladdens his team.

The Global Business Director of NFTGO, Dan Tran also expressed the gladness of his team over the aspirations of SupraOracles. The business director maintained that his team remains enthusiastic to partner with the venture in the distant future. Tran announced that SupraOracles plans to avail data feeds in the partnership. Additionally, he expressed optimism that the collaboration appears effective in boosting the enhancement of their NFT data aggregator.

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