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GuildFI partners SupraOracles to aid Inter-Chains Operations


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SupraOracles has revealed a collaboration with leading metaverse and gaming support firm, GuildFi. The official statement from SupraOracles describes innovation as a way of establishing a secured channel of exchanging assets between chains.

Also, the partnership is expected to create a lasting solution and technical innovation to help GuildFi upgrade its services. The CEO and Co-founder of SuperOracles heaped praises on the collaboration. He portrays strong hope about the efficiency of the innovation. According to him, it will help game players decipher a way of using their output and multiplying their rewards. He added that his organization is excited to provide GuildFi with the assistance that’ll suit their clients better.

Meanwhile, the Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of GuildFi, Kit also reflected on the partnership. He said SupraOracles is an innovation that’ll aid in transferring assets within different blockchains outside the gaming world. He expanded that the collaboration reflects the vision of GuildFi to improve gamers’ advantage, and support interoperability within Metaverse.

About GuildFI

GuildFi as an organization that supports game innovators to scout the best player base for their franchise. It also helps players spot various games that are filled with good experiences. The organization runs a support program that generates funds from partners, guilds, NFTs projects, and other means. With the funds, the organization supports players to gain entrance into play-to-earn games. Thus, providing equal opportunities for gamers and gaming companies.

Additionally, GuildFi also boosts gamers’ adventure by providing gaming tools to aid their success. GuildFi’s long-term admiration is to become the connecting platform to various Metaverse initiatives. The firm offers varieties of packages for game players. Such packages include GuildFI ID, game Discovery, Guild Discovery, proof-of-play rewards, Metadrop Launchpad, and others.

Lastly, the evolution of technology and most especially the emergence of blockchain technology has manifested a change in the gaming world. The introduction of Play-to-earn games has ushered in another era of gaming evolution. Players now get rewards lucratively by playing games instead of paying to play. The latest innovation by GuildFI and SupraOracles will further aid another notable gaming experience.

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David Idowu
David Idowu
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