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Morpheus.network partners SupraOrcalce on Blockchain, AI advancement


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While seeking advancement in Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain, Morpheus.Network has collaborated with SupraOracles. A supply chain SaaS middleware platform, Morpheus.Network is working on bridging the inadequacies spotted by the World Economic Forum. The Organization intends to recruit talents and build a workforce that will work on advancing AI, blockchain, and information technology.

Potential outcome of the partnership between the two firms

With the collaboration, the firm alongside SupraOracle is working on building a platform that can merge with numerous systems. Initiate activities based on programmed circumstances which allow users to automate and optimize their manual, error-prone activity. The proposed platform will also project a modularized, adaptable duo of supply chain procedures and workflows.

Furthermore, It will also merge systems and layers for numerous tasks like payments, shipping, and manufacturing. Also, the platform will help manufacturers input records into a unified source to encourage transparency. The intermediary nature of the proposed initiative will see it serve as a layer to projects like SAP, and UPS Package Tracking. While serving as a payment intermediary, the project will support payment to about 1,600 banks across the globe. This includes a subsidized transaction fee on crypto payments.

Additionally, the CEO and Founder of Morpheus.Network, Danny Weinberger heaped praises on the collaboration with high hopes for a successful outing. Weinberger explained how data on its existing platform are from numerous sources. The CEO said the collaboration will give his firm to have access to the SupraOracles database.

In his submission, the CEO of SupraOracles Joshua D. Tobkin indicated how the two organizations will work together. He expressed his excitement about the partnership because it reflects SupraOracles policy of tackling issues with the blockchain. Tobkin illuminated the aim of Morpheus.Network to allow investors to automate their activities end-to-end. Lastly, he explained how the platform works to bring data into a sole solution and lift heavy lifting in background.

About Morpheus.Network

Morpheus.Network is committed to supporting businesses, institutions, and government organizations in overcoming barriers to optimize and automate their worldwide supply chain operations. Meanwhile, their team and global network of partners have a wealth of experience developing cutting-edge solutions based on their ground-breaking supply chain platform.

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David Idowu
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