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Crypto data firm, Kaiko bags $53 million in latest funding round


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After Acquiring $24 million in a Series A round about a year ago, Crytptocurrency statistics and analytical firm, Kaiko has garnered $53 million in a new funding round. As reported by Bloomberg, the firm acquired investments from notable firms like Alven, Point9, Underscore, and Anthemis.

Furthermore, Kaiko seeks to use the investment to grow its brand internationally. Before the latest funding round, the organization has branches in New York, Singapore, Paris, and London. The funds will help Kaiko inaugurate more branches across the globe to further expand the scope of data analysis in cryptocurrency.

Previous collaboration with other firms

Lately, the organization has been working on advancing the scope of its operations in other to improve its capacity. In that regard, Kaiko acquired decision tools provider Kesitys and Napoleon index for service advancement. By its current capacity, Kaiko provides data for over 100 centralized and decentralized exchanges, covering the larger part of blockchain protocols such as Ethereum and Avalanche. Last year, The firm entered into a partnership with German stock exchange Deutsche Boerse to provide crypto market data. The collaboration aided the advancement of Deutsche Börse into the cryptocurrency sphere.

Reflecting on the development, the CEO of Kaiko, Ambre Soubrain emphasized the development of data in the cryptocurrency space. The CEO underlined how the growing interest in the industry necessitates the need for data and analysis. Soubiran disclosed that Kaiko is committed to advancing the industry by providing factual data. Also, the CEO opined that the misappropriation of data could mar the growth of the industry.

About Kaiko

Founded in 2014, Kaiko provides investors with market data, portfolio solutions, charts, analysis, rates, and price servicing. The firm also provides DeFi data and conducts research. According to its self-description, Kaiko in the last five years has provided the most extensive digital asset datasets in the industry. Lastly, Kaiko offers the market data needs for professional investors, asset managers, funds, researchers, regulators, third-party platforms, and exchanges.

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