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Hidden Road acquires $50 million from series A funding round


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An international credit platform for institutional investors, Hidden Road has acquired $50 million from a series A funding round. According to an announcement by the Firm, Castle Island led the round. Other investors include FTX ventures, Citadel Securities, Uncorrelated Ventures, Greycroft, XBTO Humla Ventures, and others.

Furthermore, Hidden Road tends to find solutions to issues infected by technological advancement in credit Intermediation and prime brokerage. The organization also tackles issues that arise from conflicting interests and archaic workflows.

Position of Hidden Road in regards to Institutional Investors

Notably, there are emerging issues for institutional investors in the process of securing credits to aid their advancement. These issues are effectively militating against the operations of institutional investors in the international markets.

Therefore, Hidden Road aims to tackle these issues by initiating solutions to problems. With the acquired funds, the firm will develop an adequate intervention for institutional investors. Previously, Hidden Road through its quantitative-oriented platform provides real-time risk management.

Also, the platform offers a stress-free credit facility across numerous sectors and categories of assets. The firm’s services also contain prime brokerage, clearing, and servicing for virtual and traditional assets.

Additionally, Hidden Road is an international credit platform for institutional investors that offer swift access to virtual and traditional market. Based on advanced technology, the platform offers a simple and cost-free prime brokerage, clearing, and financing.

Side notes about Castle Island

Castle Island is a virtual asset company owned by Fidelity Alums Nic Carter and Matt Walsh. Recently, the organization acquired $250 million to support startups in internet web designing, which includes Web 3.0.

Likewise, the company champions the initiative of promoting entrepreneurs, and initiatives that operates with the blockchain industry. Reasonably, Castle Island is a popular advocate that champions the course of getting the best out of startups in the industry.

Notably, the acquisition is the biggest fund ever raised by the firm. Established in 2018, Castle Island ventures has previously raised $80 from different funding rounds. The organization is a renowned investor in startups within the blockchain industry.

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