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Dual Investment products on Binance; users to earn 134% APY


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A renowned and leading global crypto exchange, identified as Binance recently announced new dual investment products. This new development was revealed in a blog post conveyed on its official website on Wednesday. Binance reiterates its unequal excitement to instigate the launching of investment products. Accordingly, this dual investment product app comprises updated target prices and settlement dates. It’s features also enable Binance subscribers to sell high or buy low while earning up to 134% APY.

Furthermore, the dual Investment product authorizes users to buy low or sell high at their desired price. The new feature also allows purchase at a preferred date without any expense while amassing high profit. The renowned crypto exchange further classified “SELL HIGH” as users who intend to acquire a high interest in cryptocurrency holding. Such according to Binance entails users who show interest in selling the Deposit Currency for a higher rate in the future.

Accordingly, the dual product investment classified its “BUY LOW” feature target users who intend to amass lucrative profit on stablecoin holding. Such development also allows subscribers who want to acquire a cryptocurrency at a lesser rate in the future.
In addition, the crypto exchange gave details on how interested subscribers become eligible to start with the Dual product investment registration. This, however, makes Users eligible to input their desired cryptocurrency and select the SELL HIGH or BUY LOW option. Accordingly, the desired target price and desired settlement date to buy or sell follow afterward become feasible. With this development, users become encouraged to input the subscription proportion and finalize the subscription.

Binance fixes price target for dual investment products

More so, the exchange platform revealed the dual product investment price target remains grossly fixed. According to the post, Binance may likely pause acceptance of a new subscription when the margin between the spot price and the target price becomes relatively small.

As conveyed, the APY price alters in real-time depending on market valuation. This, however, manifest before the subscription but closed off once the subscription becomes completed. According to Binance, the new investment products remain irredeemable as early as perceived.

The crypto exchange further highlighted the meaning of some words used. The exchange described deposit currency as the currency used to subscribe to the Dual Investment product. More so, the settlement date is accordingly manifests as the date through which transactions and redemption intend to take place. Also, the settlement date entails the delivery date on which the transaction will happen and the user will receive redemption.

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