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BSCStation partners Dsync to expand its ecosystem


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In a Twitter post today, BSCStation announced that it has collaborated with Dsync in an attempt to expand its presence in the industry. According to the announcement, the collaboration will facilitate the launching of Dsync’s Initial DEX Offering on BSCStation Launchpad.

Furthermore, BSCStation established that it hopes that the partnership will aid community expansion and cross-marketing activities. With an emphasis on community expansion, the protocol indicates that it’ll work alongside Dsync to establish greater exposure for native tokens. Also, BSCStation revealed that with the partnership, both firms will focus on developing their respective projects to aid their expansion.

More so, the announcement gave an insight into how the two organizations will focus cross-staking. As revealed, the collaborating firms will assist one another in mutual marketing activities. Some of these activities are AMA and giveaway campaigns. With that, both BSCStation and Dsync will pursue attracting more users to their ecosystem.

In the post, BSCStation described Dsync as the first AI-assisted-distributed workforce for real team collaboration between employers and employees. Likewise, the firm illuminated that tools and products designed by Dsync came into existence out of necessity. The post illustrated how Dsync employs a remote model of working to provide solutions to complex problems in the industry.

Highlight of BSCStation efforts in the DeFi sphere

BSCStation is growing in the DeFi space for its efforts to become an economic infrastructure for DeFi and NFT projects powered by Binance Smart Chain. The firm intends to design a full-stack DeFi with NFT auction on the Binance Smart Chain. Previously, BSCStation has raised funds to aid its product development and aid the growth of its ecosystem. With that, the protocol has been able to add more value to users with the aid of its mainstream products.

Between April 21 to 24, 2021, the firm organized its token sale; BSCS, putting up about $38.6% of it for public purchase. Within the ecosystem of BSCStation, users use the BSCS token for payments and on-chain charges settlement. Since then, the token has garnered about 109.27% ROI while recording $1.26 as its all-time high.Presently, the token is trading at $0.02091 according to market data provided by Coinmarketcap.

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