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TOPGOAL secures Investment fund from DWF Labs


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In a blog post today, TOPGOAL, a Web3 football metaverse announced that it has received a multi-million dollar investment from DWF labs. As announced, the investment will support the platform to use AI and blockchain innovations to design a football-themed Metaverse. TOPGOAL intends to use the aforementioned innovations to bring sports into Web3 while designing new virtual experiences for football enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the firm stated its readiness in completing the establishment of a football metaverse with the intention of onboarding Web2 users to Web3. Emphasizing its readiness, TOPGOAL said it has interacted with top football stars. Some of them include, Patrice Evra, Del Piero and Kaka. Also, the firm explained how it has garnered more than 3000 official copyrights for top football stars across the globe.

Likewise, part of the firm’s effort birthed the use of proprietary Football AI algorithm, 3D motion engines, metahuman technology, innovative gameplay, economic system design, and many others. With these tools, TOPGOAL is pursuing the onboarding of new users to its football-themed Metaverse. A goal the new investment from DWF labs will help pursue more.

The investment fund will see the firm unveil some of its new projects by the third quarter of the year. These projects are Football Meta Club, Footballcraft, and other mobile platforms. In the announcement, TOPGOAL drew a comparison between some of these projects and the Sandbox. To encourage more participation, the firm intends to organize a global tournament that will produce a club champion monthly. More so, the effort will come with a virtual World Cup every four months.

Reactions to the investment fund and TOPGOAL focus in the Web3 Sphere

Meanwhile, the Co-Founder of TOPGOAL, Xander, according to the blog post provided more insights into the fund. The Co-Founder stated that the investment is a reflection of DWF labs’ confidence in the project. Xander stated that with more support from their partners, the firm is confident and capable of changing the sports crypto narrative.

However, the firm said it is focused on establishing a connection between fans and players. Due to that, TOPGOAL said it will record players’ data on the blockchain to ensure the game’s persistence and interactiveness. Accordingly, the football metaverse project established confidence in the innovation to create a global community of football enthusiasts, while rewarding their passion in “countless unexplored ways.”

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