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Veritree, Cardano to use blockchain for tree planting


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On the path toward becoming a Carbon-neutral blockchain, Cardano Foundation has partnered with Veritree to embark on an environmental project. Cardano Foundation made this revelation today via a tweet. The organization cited the integrity and commitment of Veritree toward environmental innovations as a major reason for the partnership.

Expectations of the partnership with Veritree

Meanwhile, the project is expected to bring a halt to the struggles of the tree planting industry with proper documentation. Via the partnership, Veritree will effectively document and monitor tree planting projects using blockchain technology. Also, the organization will as well save and share GPS coordinates, pictures, and other important information regarding forest restoration. It will help record the exact location of a tree, its type, and the local farmer involve in the process.

Additionally, the development is a remarkable innovation in forest restoration, it will help Veritree give their customer a sense of responsibility. The transparency and traceability of the blockchain technology will connect customers to confirm the possession of their trees. This will further establish trust among Veritree and its customers.

Also, the development further confirms Cardano Foundation’s commitment to ensuring forest restoration. Recall, Veritree, and Cardano collaborated last year to help Cardano create its forest. The organization donated over 1,000,000 ADA to Veritree in other to plant more trees, with each token attach to the tree. The project commenced the same year in Kenya, with an additional plan to replant 125 trees.

The growing influence of blockchain

However, the new initiative will bring aboard interested partners that are willing to help preserve and strengthen Nature. A strong emphasis on accountability and transparency through blockchain technology will help build trust among partners.

Lastly, the partnership between the Cardano foundation and Veritree further strengthens the adoption of blockchain technology across different sectors. The latest development further illuminates the hidden capabilities of blockchain.

Blockchain influence is heavily present in Sports, Fashion, Estate, Finance, Internet, and automobiles. One could never have thought about seeing traces of blockchain in Forestry not to talk of having a dominating presence. In that regard, Veritree is hoping that the initiative will bring more partners and cement its status as a trailblazer.

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David Idowu
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