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Trust Wallet partners TON blockchain to allow users manage TON tokens


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In a blog post today, Trust Wallet announced that it has added support for the TON (Toncoin) network. In the announcement, Trust Wallet described TON as a layer-1 network that focuses on bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. As revealed, with the focus, TON aims to enhance the push for the adoption of cryptocurrency and Web3. 

Consequently, the firm added that users can now manage assets on the TON network alongside the over 10 million cryptocurrencies using its Wallet. Furthermore, The firm through the announcement illuminated how the development will attract more users to the TON network. 

However, the Head of Product of Trust Wallet, Eric Chang has reacted to the development. According to the executive, the firm is committed to innovation and accessibility. Eric Chang added that the Trust Wallet is willing to aid the growth of TON and help it accommodate more users.

Side note about Trust Wallet 

Worthy of noting that the development comes barely a few months after Trust Wallet collaborated with BNB Chain and Dynamic Labs to develop NFTPlus. In its March announcement, the multi-chain wallet provider said the NFT project is geared towards focusing on an innovation, called digital twins. According to our findings, digital twins run as a digital representation of real-world items. 

So, the innovation ensures that buyers get a 3D virtual copy of every real-world object they purchase. Additionally, the firm is leveraging the collaboration to avail digital fashion items to its users on metaverse, games, and social media platforms. In the same vein, it also seeks to incorporate users of the NFT plus on BNB into its growing ecosystem.

Certainly, Trust Wallet aims to expand its offerings and as well advance the web3 market. Just recently, it also collaborated with Tezos, an open-source blockchain. Worthy of note that the collaboration was tailored toward advancing web3 sports experiences. Through the partnership, users could harness the Tezos interface and its blockchain network to activate exclusive McLaren F1 digital collectibles. Also, the collaboration provides a pathway for sport optimists to engage in the thrill of F1 racing.

It also collaborated with Coinmarketcap, a leading crypto-tracking firm. The duo leveraged the partnership to unlock decentralized authentication to encourage widespread web3 adoption. More so, the collaboration ensured the incorporation of CoinmarketCap into its network. By implication, users can now create a CoinmarketCap account through their Trust wallet. Also, the integration paves the way for them to easily import their contact addresses into Trust wallet.

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