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Debridge launches DLN API solution to foster cross-chain performance


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On Tuesday, a notable high performance interoperability infrastructure, Debridge launched its DLN API solution. In its latest announcement, the firm confirmed the launch. According to Debridge, the solution is geared towards powering cross-chain performance for decentralized applications.

Meanwhile, Debridge aims to make it seamless for dApps to provide lightning-fast, deep liquid cross-chain liquidity transfers on demand. This, as revealed, will be feasible with the emergence of its DNL API solution. Its launch by Debridge means decentralized projects can now begin to harness the solution to avail near-instant, native cross-chain trading. According to the announcement, they will be able to do this by querying the API, thereby averting the friction of interacting with blockchain RPCs and smart contracts.

DLN API to prevent the complexities of cross-chain functionality – Debridge

Through DLN API, Debridge also seeks to take away all the complications enveloped in cross-chain functionality. The protocol said the solution will empower decentralized projects to provide remarkable trading experience across chains. Notably, the DNL API solution comes with numerous features that guarantees its efficiency. One of these features, as revealed by Debridge, is that it ensures that cross-chain transactions are settled within seconds. Since Takers are seeking to compete for speed, there is usually no need to wait for finality of transaction before settling the trade on the destination chain.

Additionally, the DNL API solution helps to provide enablement for users to trade across chains at a low cost. According to Debridge, trading across chains supported by the solution costs as low as 4bps. This is due to the fact that no fees is incurred to AMMs or capital lost to MEV and slippage. Further, DNL seeks to draw liquidity from the entire blockchain market, rather than staying restricted to the amount of liquidity locked in a pool.

At the moment, Debridge said DNL supports ETH, BNB, Polygon and Avalanche. On its website, it explains that projects seeking to integrate its solution must use the live API or interact directly with the smart contract. Worthy of note that the protocol aims to help DeFi projects scale faster through its solutions. Earlier, it developed the likes of deSwap, deNFT, and dePort. According to Debridge, all its solutions seek to simplify users experience.

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