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Trust Wallet partners Tezos to foster unique web3 sport experiences


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On Saturday, a popular multi-chain wallet, Trust Wallet partnered Tezos, an open-source blockchain platform. The crypto wallet provider announced the details of the partnership in its latest Twitter post. As revealed in the announcement, both firms will bank on the collaboration to avail unique web3 sport experiences.

Worth noting, this collaboration will enable users to harness the user-friendly interface and Tezos’ innovative and efficient blockchain to unlock exclusive McLaren F1 digital collectibles. Further, it will create an enablement for them to participate in the thrill of F1 racing in a new way. Occasioned by this development, users can now be able to claim McLaren F1 Team digital collectibles on Tezos marketplaces within Trust Wallet.

By claiming these collectibles, users get the privilege to access numerous rewards. Some of these rewards include an opportunity to attend a racing event in 2024, a virtual meet and greet with McLaren Racing CEO, Zak Brown and many more. Going forward, Trust wallet said participants in series of 23 F1 races can also get collectibles in each race weekend. This thus allow these participants to complete the McLaren F1 23/23 digital collectibles set.

Trust Wallet to support Tezos NFTs

As part of the terms of this partnership, Tezos NFTs will now be supported on Trust Wallet. This thus ensures that users are able to transfer, store and receive their Tezos-based NFTs with their wallets. However, in a bid to enjoy this new development, users are encouraged to update their Trust wallet app to its latest version.

Meanwhile, the head of product with Trust wallet, Eric Chang made some comments about the partnership. Chang believes the collaboration of the wallet provider with Tezos will avail a robust privilege for fans and collectors to efficiently interact with their favorite F1 team in a unique way. The exec described Trust wallet as an innovative platform with user-friendly features. These features, according to him, usually enable users to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs within its mobile app. Further, Chang sees the partnership with Tezos as a big win for the blockchain-oriented digital collectibles world. He added that by making these collectibles accessible to millions of users, Trust wallet is already creating a unique web3 sport experiences.

Also, the Chief Commercial Officer of Tezos foundation, Mason Edwards made some remarks on the partnership. Edwards described both Trust Wallet and Tezos as big actors in the industry. He specifically commended the support given to the Tezos ecosystem by the multi-chain wallet provider. According to the official, the support by Trust wallet has continued to allow million of users access some of the incredible collections running on Tezos.

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