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CoinmarketCap collaborates Trust Wallet to advance web3 adoption


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On Friday, a global crypto tracking company, CoinmarketCap partnered Trust wallet, a renowned multi-chain wallet. Announcing the partnership, the crypto tracking firm said it plans to work together with the wallet service provider to foster decentralized authentication. Through this, both firms are aiming towards bringing Web3 to a wider audience.

Further, the partnership enables the integration of CoinmarketCap by Trust wallet. This integration thus allows users create an account on coinmarketcap.com using just their wallet. More so, it allows them to safely and easily
import contract addresses into their Trust Wallet using the CMC website.

Beyond this, users who create an account on CoinmarketCap can now save a watchlist of their favourite coins. Additionally, they will be able to easily track their crypto portfolio, share their perceptions and opinions about crypto prices, and many more. This simply means that users will be able to access all these features whenever they login into their CoinmarketCap account through Trust wallet.

David Salamon, the Director of Product & Design at CoinMarketCap reacted to the development. Salamon believes the partnership between the two projects will widen the adoption and popularity of web3. The Director emphasized that CoinmarketCap want to provide its users with loads of useful data, content and utility capable of aiding their experience in the crypto world. Salaman described Trust wallet as a remarkable self-custody wallet with broad chain coverage. According to him, the wallet app currently enjoys the patronage and trust of millions of users across the globe. He believes its integration with CoinmarketCap will help these users to quickly log into their Trust Wallet and also import contract addresses with one click.

CoinmarketCap aiding transparency in the crypto industry with its tracker

It is remarkable that CoinmarketCap has been consistent in its bid to foster accessibility and transparency in the space. Recall that in November, it launched a proof-of-reserve tracker for all crypto exchanges. Notably, the tracker enable users to track financial activities of crypto exchanges. It designed the app in a way that it audit every functioning cryptocurrency exchange within the sphere. This thus enhances transparency on liquidity at a specific moment. Simply put, the tracker provide detailed information about the the total assets of exchanges, and all their affiliated public wallet addresses.

Following the launch of the tracker, many actors in the crypto sphere came out to commend CoinmarketCap for the innovation. For instance, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao described it as a great transparency project. Then, he retweeted the announcement of the tracker and added a link on Binance’s page.

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