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Ropsten testnet prepares for first system test


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As Ethereum braces up for a switch to the Proof-of-state consensus mechanism, Ropsten is prepared to conduct a first system test. The Tester will offer Tech experts the privilege to witness what the proposed merge looks like.

Accordingly, it indicates that Ethereum’s switch from the Proof-of-Work to a Proof-of-Stake is finally gearing up for manifestation. With the test, developers will have firsthand experience with the strength, weaknesses, and possible glitches.

According to popular Ethereum developer, Tim Beiko a fresh Beacon chain for Ropsten is ready for use. Also, he disclosed that developers have a lot to do to meet up with the schedule date for the Ropsten Merge. According to him, the Beacon chain must inaugurate the advancement, network jam on mining, and the part of PoW to embrace.

Moreso, the schedule for the transition will usher in the advancement of Beacon Chain first then the mining network jam within June 2-3. The network jam known as TTD is a deliberate mechanism to make Ethereum mining tiresome and slow. This is to discourage people from staying back on the Ethereum PoW and embracing the transition.

Role of Ropsten and other testnets in the transition

Furthermore, The chain will test the waters in preparation for the last test Merge early next month. Ropsten testnet is a renowned and the longest-serving practical platform for the Ethererum blockchain. The Ethereum transition is scheduled to commence next August. With the transition, mining Ethereum will no longer consume energy and offer swift processing of transactions.

Meanwhile, other Testnets like Goerli and Sepolia will still run on the PoW before the initial switch. Though, other Testnets like Rinkeby and Kovan will still undergo maintenance by members of the community. However, the contracted developers will play no part in such regard. Notably, the proposed transition is by far different from the previous upgrades on the Ethereum network.

Lastly, the transition is the most anticipated event in the history of Ethereum. It’s will bring notable positive changes to the ecosystem to allow more and faster processing of transactions. There are high hopes for the reduction of gas fees and a possible increment of Ethereum’s price.

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David Idowu
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