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Pacquiao unveils NFT project in memory of dog ‘Pacman’


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A popular boxing guru and Philippines Senator, Manny Pacquiao has unveiled his new NFT collection, identified as “Pacman the Jack Russell”. The boxing legend launched the digital collection in memory of his precious dog, known as ” Pacman. Recall that the dog passed away in 2020 after his adoption by Pacquiao in 2014.

According to report, the unveiled NFT collection consist of 9,999 distinct Boxer NFTs. It manifested algorithmically from over 200 carefully hand drawn and unique characteristics. Also, each NFT depicts visual characteristics, including a well experienced based traits which as strength and stamina.

Pacquiao, however, relayed the image of the boxer NFT on his Instagram handle. As revealed on the project website, all boxers in the NFT collection materialized from one of the three tiers. As programmed, each boxer contends with another boxer from the same tier for belts, crypto prizes, and honors. Keeping possession of assets from each tier will open both digital and physical bonuses.

With the project, real-life utilities will be offered at least twice a year. These utilities consist of redeemable items which include, event tickets, merchandise, and exclusive access to special events. More so, The NFTs become grouped into three tiers and each tier depends on their rarity and skill level. This thus allows holders to engage in a blockchain game, identified as Pacman Boxing League in a bid to earn rewards.

How Tier1, Tier2 & Tier3 functions

Tier3 possesses 7000NFTs rookie boxers with essential common characteristics. Any participants who obtain eight Tier3 NFTs tend to automatically receive merchandise signed by Manny Pacquiao himself. Also, the signed merchandise will be sent to any international address.

Tier2 of the Boxing league consists of 2900 mid-level boxers with slightly unique characteristics and improved skills. Tier2 tends to also offer a better experience than Tier3 boxers. Participants who obtain four assets become eligible to access exclusive tickets for premier sporting events. The participants also enjoy special themed parties across the world.

Tier1 on the other hand consists of 99 distinct NFTs. It comprises well-experienced boxers with extraordinary attributes and the highest level of skill. Tier1 boxers usually unlock the best rewards and real-world benefits. Any participant who obtains two tier1 assets becomes eligible to meet with legend boxer, Manny Pacquiao.

The developer intends to gather all the profit earned from the NFTs collection for his Foundation. Pacquiao’s foundation appears committed to using the funds in assisting refugees in Ukraine. This development, however, proves that celebrities are now harnessing the growing NFT industry.

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