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Candy Digital, others partners MasterCard for NFT payment


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A leading financial service company, MasterCard recently announced a partnership with Candy Digital and other companies to foster its NFT payment service. The global and payment firm confirmed the partnership in a blog post relayed on its official page. As revealed, Mastercard intends to expand accessibility to the market of non-fungible tokens via the usage of card payments.

The Executive Vice President of Mastercard, Raj Dhamodharan, listed all the companies through which the payment firm has chosen to partner in the course of availing its clients with NFT payment services. The companies, according to him, include, Immutable X, Candy Digital, The Sandbox, Mintable, Spring, Nifty Gateway, and MoonPay. Dhamodharan believes the partnership with the highlighted companies tends to help foster NFT commerce.

More so, the Vice President revealed that the partnership tends to enable customers use their mastercard cards for NFTs transactions. He further that such usage becomes obtainable on the marketplaces or crypto services of the partnered companies. Dhamodharan believes the partnership possesses the capacity to cause a great impact on the NFT ecosystem owing to the 2.9 billion records of MasterCard cards across the globe.

45% of Mastercard customers in 40 countries now have NFTs – Dhamodharan

The Vice President revealed that the findings of the recent Mastercard survey necessitated the need to embrace NFT service payment. He hinted in the blog post that the survey covers about 35,000 customers across 40 countries of the world. According to him, the survey revealed that 45% of respondents have purchased or are considering the purchase of NFTs. Furthermore, Dhamodharan claims half of the respondents called for an advancement in the payment methods to aid NFT payment service.

Now, Mastercard has been collaborating with Coinbase to aid cash payment on its recently unveiled NFT platform. More so, Visa, another financial service firm intends to subscribe to the NFT market. Recall that the finance company purchased cryptopunk late last year. A finance technology platform, Moonpay is also buying into the trend. The firm started allowing NFT payment service to all its partners since early 2022.

According to Dharmodharan, the advancement in the payment method of Mastercard tends to make crypto more accessible and usable. The Vice President expressed confidence about the ability of the integration to enhance the growth of the NFT ecosystem. He believes the new partners possess all it takes to make the integration of NFT payment services hitch-free. However, all the partners, including Candy Digital pledged to live up to expectations in the bid to widen the accessibility to NFT payment services.

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