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OKX, Majesticks GC, Liv Golf Tour partners to enhance fans’ experience with web3


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Today, prominent cryptocurrency exchange OKX extended its growing presence in the sporting arena by collaborating with the LIV Golf team, Majesticks GC. The cryptocurrency exchange became the first web3 technology company to sponsor a team from the LIV Golf tour. More so, the cryptocurrency exchange announced the collaboration via a blog post.

According to the announcement, members of the Majesticks GC team will don the OKX logo on their kits. Consequently, the partnership will see both OKX and Majesticks GC incorporate web3 engagement opportunities. With that, the two partners intend to enhance fans’ experience at upcoming competitions in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Additionally, the announcement established how OKX, Majesticks GC, and LIV Golf share the same vision to change existing narratives across various sectors through “fresh thinking and new technology.” Further, OKX recalled how it has invented various advancements, providing accessible tools in onboarding new users to the web3 space.

The crypto exchange also described how LIV Golf has introduced new team competition, and playing formats. With that, LIV has created an inclusive festival environment appealing to fans of all backgrounds and age groups.

Reactions to the Collaboration

Top personalities from the new partners have weighed their opinions on the recent collaboration. OKX Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique established how Golf as a global sport with the incorporation of Web3 can help inspire fans. Haider Rafique added that Majesticks GC as a top team in the LIV Golf League illustrates the exchange’s value and ambition.

Likewise, Majesticks Team Co-captain, Ian Poulter noted how collaborating with the exchange will help challenge the status quo. Ian Poulter went on to add that OKX through its Web3 technology will provide some innovative experiences for fans. 

Now, OKX will be aiming to replicate the success it enjoyed with English Premier League champions, Manchester City Football Club. Recall that on July 20, 2023, Manchester City Football Club announced that it has signed a partnership deal with OKX. Consequently, the collaboration saw the exchange become the team’s training kit sponsor for the 2022/2023 season.

The collaboration birthed a remarkable success for the English Premier League side as the team went on to win a treble during the season. Before then, OKX already partnered with popular Formula One outfit, McClaren. As it stands, the recent partnership with Majesticks GC will further strengthen the cryptocurrency exchange’s reputation in the sporting sphere. 

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David Idowu
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