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McLaren to partner OKX in Formula 1 team


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A renowned British motor racing venture, identified as McLAREN Racing recently announced its primary partnership with OKX. Accordingly, the partnership will run for years. As reported, it ensued to make OKX emerge as a major collaborator of the MCLaren formulas 1 team. The partnership also make the brand a primary partner of the MCLaren Shadow exports team starting from 2022. Recall that OKX remains one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world by its market trading volume.

Accordingly, the announced partnership with OKX tends to aid the experience of the team’s global fans. Also, it remains geared towards availing fans with sensational privileges and innovative products to get them closer to the action. In addition, the collaboration possesses the potential to unify the two renowned brands that give utmost priority to accessibility and innovation. This, however, becomes feasible through varieties of McLaren’s fan engagement activities. Accordingly, such tends to move them very close to the team.

In view of this development, the branding of the OKX begins to manifest on the McLaren MCL36 F1 cars from the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. More so, such will also become obtainable on the helmets of McLaren F1 drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. As reported, the McLaren F1 kit and McLaren shadow team kit tend to have such new branding too.

McLaren Racing CEO & OKX Chief Marketing Officer react to the partnership deal

The Chief Executive Officer of McLaren racing, Zak Brown expressed the delight of the venture to partner with OKX ahead of the Miami GP. According to him, the OKX brand remains a crypto exchange, possessing a solid and long-established foundation. He believes the crypto project posseses the capacity to instill innovations, analytics, and accuracy toward attaining great feats.

Brown, however, further that the Miami Grand Prix which remains the first of its kind ensued to provide an enabling platform for them to initiate the huge partnership. He believes such partnership with OKX posseses the tendency to enhance the experience of their fans.

Also, the Chief Marketing Officer of OKX, Haider Rafique averred that the McLaren brand grossly illustrates all the greatness enveloped in F1. According to him, the venture depicts speed, reliability, and performance which undoubtedly remains significant for any major crypto platform. Rafique boasted that OKX usually enhances the innovations on its platform every day. This, according to him aids the biggest execution of trade and its acceleration to their users. However, the Chief Marketing officer revealed that achieving such requires “pit-like” teamwork and creativity.

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