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Bit2Me completes $15 million investment round with focus on market expansion in Spain, Latin America


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Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me has announced the completion of a $15 million investment round. The crypto exchange made the development known today via an announcement on its official Twitter page. As announced, Bit2Me intends to utilize the funds and further strengthen its presence in the Spanish and Latin America crypto market. 

Furthermore, the exchange will explore more mediums to increase its customer base. With that, Bit2Me is aiming to place itself as a relevant figure in the global space of the Web3 sector. Also, the cryptocurrency exchange registered that it will focus on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. 

Bit2Me further highlighted how the investment came in at a crucial period where investors are looking at investing in “stable, mature companies, and with a good position in the market.” Additionally, the cryptocurrency exchange went on to establish that it attracted such huge investment due to its continuous efforts to maintain good quality and security standards. Backing its claim, the crypto exchange pointed to how it recently bagged the 2022 Compliance Expansion Award.

Meanwhile, it is worth establishing that Bit2Me in recent times has focused on the adoption of cryptocurrency. Recall that on October 24, 2022, the crypto exchange acquired a 100% stake in a software company identified as Dekalabs. The acquisition of the company provided Bit2Me with the technical infrastructure to improve its services to private and public institutions. Now, the exchange will seek to improve its reputation in the crypto market. Presently, it is listed outside the top fifty cryptocurrency exchanges with the largest trading volume. 

Opinions on how the $15 million investment will further advance the services of Bit2Me

The CEO and co-founder of Bit2Me, Leif Ferreira is among the top personalities that has responded to the completion of the investment round. The CEO described how Bit2Me has been working for over two (2) years to enhance its services. Leif Ferreira revealed that the crypto exchange intends to attain the highest level of quality and product portfolio. In addition, the CEO described how firms like Investcorp and Telefónica that participated in the round will aid the exchange to achieve its dreams. 

Also, the Co-CEO of Bit2Me, Koh Onozawa, reacted to the development. The Co-CEO went on to establish the relevance of the investment round to the cryptocurrency exchange. Koh Onozawa emphasized how the exchange will continue to partner with strategic investors who share the same innovative philosophy with Bit2Me. Likewise, the Co-Ceo noted that the exchange will look toward the possibility of welcoming more international investors aboard. 

Lastly, Blockchain Funds Partner of Investcorp, Herve Francois also reflected on the investment round. The executive stated that Bit2Me is well-positioned to take advantage of the evolving crypto market. Herve Francios added that Investcorp as a partner will continue to provide support for the crypto exchange. 

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