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Polygon, Flipkart collaborates on new loyalty program to aid web3 advancement


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Polygon Labs, Flipkart, and Hang have partnered on a special loyalty program aimed at onboarding new users to the Web3 space. The development surfaced today following an announcement from Polygon. According to the announcement, the loyalty program is themed FireDrops 2.0 and it will receive the support of Hang’s loyalty platform.

More so, the FireDrops 2.0 according to the announcement is aimed at advancing user engagement. The program will adopt a gamification process that will incentive users in accordance with their loyalty to Flipkart. Also, the initiative will involve the Flipkart community and it will embrace underlying NFT technology to attain the purposes of the loyalty program. 

Further, the two firms will focus on establishing a special NFT marketplace. This marketplace according to the announcement will aid users to buy and sell their rewards. With that, Flipkart intends to add flexibility and value to loyalty programs, equipping them to provide deeper brand engagement. 

Meanwhile, the collaboration emanated on the heels of the recent unveiling of Polygon 2.0. Recall that on May 12, 2023, Polygon Labs unveiled the latest version of its layer 2 network. With the latest version, the network is aiming to become the true Value Layer of the internet and further complement the efforts of Ethereum for a truly decentralized internet. 

Polygon and Flipkart’s collaborative effort toward the advancement of Web3 in India 

It is worth establishing that Flipkart is a prominent virtual commerce firm based in India. The firm and Polygon collaborated last year to launch an initiative in a bid to push the advancement of Web3 in India. Consequently, the collaboration of the two firms birthed the launching of the Blockchain E-commerce Centre of Excellence( CoE) on December 2, 2023. 

Then, the creation of the CoE focused on increasing the commercial use of Web3 in India. Polygon and Flipkart designed the initiative to enhance the shopping experience of users through a digital process. By that, the two partners provided a pathway for onboarding more users to the Web3 sphere. 

Similarly, the Vice President of Product Strategy and Deployment of Flipkart, Naren Ravula reflected on the recent collaboration. The submission of the executive illuminated the efforts of Polygon and Flipkart toward the Web3 space. More so, Naren Ravula emphasized how the firm recognizes the importance of the emerging space of Web3. Lastly, he explained how the integration of Web3 into loyalty programs can help revolutionize brand marketing, storytelling, and customer engagement.  

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