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MLIKI, OKX chain integrates for swift processing of NFT transactions


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MLIKI, a hybrid marketplace, has announced integration with OKX Chain. According to a blog post, MLIK divulged that the blockchain of OKX cryptocurrency exchange now joins its list of supported chains.

As indicated in the announcement, the integration will aid users in minting and trading NFTs on the MLIKI NFT marketplace at a cheaper rate. This implies that users won’t have to pay exorbitant charges for the abovementioned activities. Also, it will aid users to select the OKX Chain from their Web 3.0 wallet like Metamask. Users will directly interact with the MLIKI NFT marketplace to trade and keep their digital collectibles.

How OKX Chain will aid MLIKI to reduce operational cost

Above all, the NFT marketplace will leverage some distinctive features of the OKC to serve its users better. The OKC is an EVM- and IBC- compatible L1 blockchain designed on Cosmos. The blockchain focuses sternly on true interoperability and maximum performance. Now, the MLIKI marketplace will process transactions swiftly with the help of OKX Chain.

Additionally, the OKX Chain at high scalability is capable of aiding creators to build and scale with a cheap gas fee. Notably, the OKC is capable of carrying out about 5000 transactions per second. MLIKI NFT Marketplace will be banking on this feature to reduce operational costs effectively. Additionally, the OKC Chain uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. The OKT token serves as the native coin of the blockchain.

Aiding transition into Web 3.0

In the announcement, the MLIKI team expressed full confidence in the success of the development. The team divulged that the integration of OKC is one of the many collaborations it will engage in soon. Further, MLIKI said its presence on the OKX chain would attract more creators and collectors to its ecosystem. The team added that the collaboration would accommodate creators that are willing to build and assist the emergence of Web 3.0.

For MLIKI NFT Marketplace, the collaboration with OKX Chain is compatible with its advancement into Web 3.0. This is because the OKX Chain ecosystem and infrastructure have an all-in-one multi-chain Web 3.0 interface. Therefore, enabling a user-friendly atmosphere for developers and users. Like many firms in the cryptocurrency space, MLIKI is focused on exploring the Web 3.0 space while establishing itself as a force to reckon with in the sector.

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