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SupraOracles partners Cloud City to enhance gaming experience


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SupraOracles, a highly innovative blockchain platform, has partnered with Cloud City, an open-world adventure. The blockchain firm confirmed the development in a Friday blog post on its handle. As announced, SupraOracle intends to bank on the collaboration to improve gaming experience for users.

Notably, Cloud City Metaverse runs as a one-stop decentralized platform, allowing users to navigate, create games, control, and sell game content on metaverse. More so, the platform avails play-to-earn games with various levels of difficulty. As revealed, each level of the game requires additional skill and a broader outlook of the player. It also allows players to interact and create communities.

Notably, SupraOracles, through its partnership with Cloud City aims to provide native oracles. The native oracles will be used for pricing feeds, dynamic NFTs, and transferring user data between chains. In addition, the protocol wants to support Cloud City by creating its cross-chain bridges to aid the transfer of assets across networks. Interestingly, oracle services for NFTs, GameFi, and metaverse will be offered to Cloud City.

Cloud City Co-founder and CEO Ahsan Imtiaz reacted to the partnership. According to Imtiaz, Cloud City gamers must begin to wield absolute command over their digital possessions. Imtiaz further that Cloud City intends to provide a safe gaming environment and earning potential for its players. He also commended SupraOracles as the ideal partner for the development, noting that the process will go smoothly. The CEO reaffirms the commitment of the protocol in sustaining a robust relationship with SupraOracles.

Furthermore, the Co-founder and CEO of SupraOracles, Joshua D.Tobkin, expressed his delight towards the partnership with Cloud City. According to him, metaverse and play-to-earn games play an active role in the future of blockchain. He further that both metaverse and Play-to-earn are rapidly developing.

SupraOracles combining web3 technologies with traditional financial markets

SupraOracles functions as an innovative blockchain platform, combining web3 with traditional financial markets. The protocol aims to provide a powerful cross-chain oracle for the developer community. SupraOracles operates by incorporating real world data into public and private chains to create interoperability smart contracts. This, as revealed guarantees the future of financial markets. Also, this technology carries the capacity to develop, deploy and manage data applications in a faster, more agile, and more resilient way.

Similarly, Cloud City runs an Avalanche-based virtual platform. The metaverse becomes powered by Unreal Engine. As revealed, the protocol intends to create a decentralized platform which instills players with absolute control over their digital assets.

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