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India police department launches FIR(First information report) platform using blockchain


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In a bid to serve the general public better, the Firozabad Police Department has launched a Blockchain-based First Information Report (FIR) platform. Citizens of Firozabad, a city in India, can now register complaints digitally using the platform. Notably, the initiative eliminates the usual practice of not registering citizen’s grievances among police officers, and the transparency of the complaint.

Similarly, residents of the city can independently register their reports. Also, information on the platform will remain intact and free from manipulation through the help of blockchain. The newly launched FIR platform will help facilitate transparency in regard to addressing residents’ complaints. Additionally, the newly launched platform will aid residents in monitoring their complaints.

The initiative came into existence through an IPS officer identified as Ashish Tiwari. The newly launched FIR platform is backed by the Polygon blockchain. According to Ashish Tiwari, every local police station in Firozabad now has a QR code that’s connected to the platform. Therefore, giving citizens the privilege to scan the code and submit their complaints on the portal.

How the FIR platform works

According to findings from it’s portal, the affected resident must go through a ReCaptcha verification process. Upon completing the verification process, the portal will attach an officer to the complaint. Consequently, the platform will assign a Token number to the submission for further status inquiry. Also, an SMS or email will be sent to the affected resident to confirm the submission of their complaints. Meanwhile, the FIR platform has a categorization system for saving complaints from village to village.

Reactions to the initiative

Likewise, experts like Ankur Sinha from Airchains and Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal contributed to the project. However, Sandeep Naiwal has reacted to the launching of the FIR platform. Via a tweet, Naiwal spoke highly about the project. He recalled how he grew up hearing several corruption cases, sometimes about rape cases that the victims could not register.

In his words, Naiwal discussed how reports were manipulated in the past. The expert has expressed full confidence in the FIR platform to eliminate these shortcomings. More so, He said that through the initiative, people now have an online platform to lodge their grievances.

Lastly, Naiwal heaped praises on Ashish Tiwari by describing him as a visionary leader in the Indian Police Service. He appreciated Tiwari for working effortlessly and going beyond the call of duty to invent the innovation.

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