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MEXC partners Bloktopia to build its virtual office


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A digital asset trading platform, MEXC Global has collaborated with Bloktopia, a renowned Metaverse project. The platform announced the development in its Wednesday Twitter post. According to the post, the partnership manifested so that MEXC Global can build its virtual office in the Bloktopia Metaverse.

Over time, MEXC Global has been consistent in improving its Metaverse experience. Barely a month ago, it partnered Bit.Country and Metaverse.network. Notably, this partnership emerged to enable the trading platform build its first Metaverse on Bit.country. MEXC Global believes such development will help in availing its users with an online hub for immersive networking and a place for value exchange. More so, the partnership aimed at ensuring seamless bridging of its customers to the web3 environment.

According to MEXC Global, it’s Metaverse enables users to experience safe, secure and fast services within the web3 space. Through the tools availed by Bit.country, users of the Metaverse are able to easily build an immersive world. Further, the users also enjoys seamless transactions and value exchange via $NEER, the native token of Bit.Country.

More so, a few months ago, it also partnered DreamVerse, a Metaverse, enveloped with the most exciting VR contents across the globe. Remarkably, the partnership manifested to help users open up new ways to connect and create in the Metaverse space. Notably, MEXC Global also listed the token of the project, identified as DV on its platform. This thus allows community members to use the token in buying and selling land on the DreamVerse Metaverse.

MEXC Global looking to attract more users with products upgrades

Beyond Metaverse, MEXC Global has equally been improving its offerings to attract more users. Recently, it launched a “zero maker fee” event to give back to MEXC’s futures users. This development makes the platform the first trading firm to offer such offerings to its users. According to its Vice President, Andrew Weiner, the trading platform focuses on optimizing futures products and basic liquidity to complement the needs of users. Weiner boasted how MEXC’s liquidity ranks first amongst the top 50 trading platforms by market value.

Since 2018, MEXC global has continued to launch and upgrade its future products. Recall that a few months ago, it also upgraded the futures products and unveiled its second-level L-line functions. As reported, these innovations helps to avail better trading experience to users. This is because they allow users to enjoy real-time prices, trading volume, order depth, and more exciting features.

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