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OKC partners AssetMantle to ease cross-chain transfer of assets by users


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OKC, a Layer-1 blockchain network designed on Cosmos has partnered with AssetMantle to facilitate a Cross-Chain asset transfer initiative. With the innovation, users will be able to send and receive assets within the Cosmos ecosystem between AssetMantle and OKC.

Further, the innovation will birth the creation of a native USDT bridge. It will emanate from OKC to AssetMantle and other networks within the IBC framework. In the long run, this part of the innovation is targeted at making payment swift and seamless.

For AssetMantle, it’ll see the contribution of AsGuard Validator in securing its mainnet validator wing. Also, the validator team will provide support and security for the OKC ecosystem. Above all, the collaboration will be beneficial to both parties involved. It’ll help improve their ecosystem, outreach and use cases.

Previous partnership by OKC

In the past, OKC has engaged in numerous partnerships to expand its ecosystem. Recently, Waves and OKC partnered to design solutions to issues affecting its users. The partnership involved two other protocols which are Gravity and Neutrino. With the involvement of the two protocols including Waves, OKC will become available to more public chains.

Late last month, Binbits reported how OKC collaborated with Beosin a blockchain security firm to enhance safety within its ecosystem. The partnership will help accelerate the development of risk management for virtual assets.

Through these numerous partnerships, the blockchain is aiming to become a force to reckon with in the industry. To a reasonable extent, the collaborations have helped attract numerous projects to the OKC ecosystem.

Currently, the Blockchain serves as home to prominent projects across different sectors of the industry. OKC hosts GameFi projects like Project Hive and Endless Battlefield. While it houses projects like Pitaka Wallet, Rabby, Ledger and Payrue. Other projects on the ecosystem include OpenSea, Alchemy Pay, and 4EVERLAND.

OKC is a blockchain designed by the popular cryptocurrency exchange OKX. The chain is an EVM-compatible Layer-1 that pays attention to true interoperability (IBC) and maximized performance. The chain provides high scalability that allows developers to build and scale while incurring cheap gas fees. The blockchain’s interface aids users and developers to enjoy a stress-free experience.

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