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Polygon partners Flipkart to design blockchain initiative


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Popular Blockchain firm, Polygon has partnered with leading India E-commerce firm, Flipkart. The protocol announced the development in a Twitter post on Friday. As announced, the partnership emanated to create a Blockchain E-commerce Centre of Excellence( CoE).

Notably, the partnership between Polygon and Flipkart aims at fostering Web3 development. Also, it is geared towards increasing the commercial use of the metaverse in India. As revealed, the main focus of the CoE is to work on the advancement of e-commerce future in Web3 and metaverse. Also, the centre will help to modify the shopping experience for millions of Indian users.

According to Flipkart, the partnership with Polygon manifested as a strategy to devise methods capable of redefining the future of commerce, consumption, and value creation. The Chief product and Technology Officer at Flipkart, Jeyandran Venugopal while reacting to the development noted that his firm seems excited to partner with Polygon.

The officer hinted that Polygon remains a frontrunner in blockchain innovation both nationally and internationally. Venugopal further that innovation is the main pillar of Flipkart. This thus makes the firm to continuously work towards establishing technology solutions to scale new frontiers and introduce new products and services.

Notably, the partnership with Polygon comes few months after Flipkart’s announced its entry into the metaverse with eDAO, a polygon-incubated venture. The Flipverse reoriented the top-down connection between consumers and brands. It also nurtures new kinds of engagement and use cases through NFTs, encouraging community exploration.

Flipkart to harness its partnership with Polygon to future-proof its blockchain investment

Remarkably, FlipKart hinted that through its partnership with Polygon ecosystem, it intends to future-proof its investment in blockchain. In addition, the firm believes recent breakthroughs such as Polygon’s zkEVM scaling solution, guarantee that the next iteration of the web can accommodate the world.

Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal also reacted to the partnership. Nailwal expressed the excitement of the team to partner with Flipkart. According to the Co-founder, Polygon is the right blockchain technology for firms interested in entering Web3. The executive affirmed that the goal of the firm is to bring the next billion users to Web3. Nailwal further that India remains a fountain of talent.

According to the co-founder, the partnership is capable of creating more opportunities, driving research and development. Also, Nailwal noted that India’s position as a Web3 powerhouse will become further established through the collaboration. Worthy of note that a number of major brands have partnered with Polygon in order to venture into Web3. Some of this firms include Adidas, Adobe, Robinhood and Stripe.

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