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GuildFi collaborates METAPIXEL to advance Web3 gaming sphere


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In a bid to enhance blockchain gaming power, GuildFi has collaborated with METAPIXEL. According to an announcement via its blog post, GuildFi highlighted some core benefits of the collaboration that focuses on Web3 gaming. As revealed, the two firms will work together to facilitate the development of GranSaga, a web3 game.

Worth noting that METAPIXEL is a Web3 initiative of NPIXEL, which GuildFi identified as a gaming company that’s popular for its engaging gameplay experiences. Therefore, METAPIXEL emerged as a new partner to GuildFi due to its innovative use of blockchain technology. As stated in the announcement, the firm intends to advance the gaming sphere by designing fresh means for players to engage in their preferred games.

More so, the collaboration will see GuildFi expose its community to the innovations of METAPIXEL. With that, community members will stand a chance to earn rewards while playing games developed by METAPIXEL. Accordingly, the partnership will see GuildFi grow its community will onboarding new players into the Web3 gaming sphere.

Meanwhile, the GranSaga is the first attempt of METAPIXEL towards Web3 games. Due to that, the game has drawn much attention, making it one of the most anticipated games in the Web3 sphere. According to findings, the blockchain-supported game is attempting to advance users’ gaming experience.

Also, the game allows players to own and trade special in-game assets while playing in a decentralized game economies. This feature aids gamers to explore the in-game marketplace and engage in trading their acquired assets with other players.

Previous attempts by GuildFi to advance the blockchain gaming sphere

As part of its focus on Blockchain games, GuildFi has partnered with relevant organizations to aid its pursuits. Some of these organizations include GuildQB and SupraOracles. According to a Binbits report on January 26, 2023, GuildFi collaborated with GuildQB to enhance the growth of blockchain games in South-East Asia.

Then, the two collaborators emphasized their commitment towards contributing to the growth of the industry in the region. Consequently, through the collaboration, GuildFi provided gamers in Japan access to Web3 blockchain games.

Meanwhile, via its collaboration with SupraOracles, GuildFi attempted to establish a safe channel of exchange in-game assets across multiple chains. The collaboration worked on putting an end to the barriers to moving in-game assets across various chains. Lastly, these efforts have aided GuildFi in becoming a force to reckon with in the industry.

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