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Floki, InvestDex collaborates to enhance adoption of FlokiFi


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In a blog post today, Floki announced its collaboration with a cryptocurrency workstation identified as InvestDex. According to the announcement, InvestDex will integrate the FlokiFi Locker protocol with the view of enhancing the adoption of the protocol.

Furthermore, the integration will display lock data on InvestDex chart pages for virtual coins that use FlokiFi Locker to protect their LP or project tokens. Also, InvestDex will require projects that launch via its incubator and launchpad platform identified as PowerLabs to adopt FlokiFi Locker. With that, the projects will effectively lock their LP coins using the renowned locker.

Worth noting that the protocol will rely on InvestDex to help boost its popularity. As announced, FlokiFi locker indicated that the collaboration is part of its efforts to establish its protocol as a force to reckon with in the industry.

More so, the collaboration will as well be beneficial to InvestDex. Projects from its PowerLabs platform will enjoy FlokiFi locker at their disposal. Through the locker, these projects can lock their LP tokens, NFTs, Fungible Tokens, and Multi tokens. Another major side attraction is that the FlokiFi locker is compatible with 12 different chains. Therefore, making it ideal for adoption by projects that fancy multi-chain innovations.

According to findings, InvestDex is a crypto workstation that aids users to manage and organize their crypto holdings. The project aids users to monitor their portfolios across nine prominent EVM-compatible blockchains. Additionally, the platform aids crypto traders to enhance their profit by providing them with enabling market tools.

Insight into FlokiFi’s background

Worth noting that FlokiFi is a uniform name for decentralized finance products launching on the Floki brand. As revealed, the acronym implies “Floki Finance” representing the host of utility products in the ecosystem. Project L protocol is the first utility product to fly under the project name.

Accordingly, projects under the umbrella name of FlokiFi employ Floki as their protocol token. The token serves as the utility token of the entire Floki ecosystem and it came into existence from community members of Shiba Inu. So far, Floki has focused on four flagship utility projects namely, Valhalla, Flokiplaces, FlokiFi, and University of Floki. According to Coinmarketcap, the token presently trades at $0.00004063 and it has been up by 10.96% in the last 24 hours.

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