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GuildFi partners GuildQB to advance blockchain games in Japan


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In a dedicated effort to push the advancement of blockchain games in Asia, two gaming communities identified as GuildFi and GuildQB have collaborated. The collaboration emanated as part of GuildFi’s focus in South-East Asia. GuildQB at the other end is a gaming community-based in Japan.

As revealed, the collaboration will aid gamers in the region to enjoy seamless access to Web3 blockchain games. With that, GuildFi hopes to onboard a new set of gamers into the sphere, while advancing the growth of the industry in Southeast Asia.

In an announcement confirming the collaboration, GuildFi established that Japan contributes about 13% to the entirety of the global gaming sphere. The significant figure attracted the gaming community to extend its outreach to the region, leveraging GuildQB’s community for the expansion. Furthermore, GuildQB through its familiarity with the Japanese gaming market will combine with GuildFi’s capacity in the Southeast Asia market to aid the expansion of web3 blockchain games in Japan.

Consequently, the collaboration of the two communities will establish a synergy with new users providing them wide range of games. On the monetization aspect, gamers will be opportune to earn rewards and incentives through their participation.

Addittionally, the collaboration between GuildFi and GuildQB will birth the hosting of numerous gaming events in Japan. Some of these activities will include tournaments, cross-community rewards and many other benefits. Likewise, the activities will provide the two communities with the privilege to engage and grow the number of their members. Japan on another part is bound to benefit grossly from the collaboration as it will boost the country’s presence as a giant in the blockchain gaming space.

Notable reactions to the collaboration between GuildFi and GuildQB

Also, the top community members of GuildFi and GuildQB have reacted to the collaboration. The CEO of GuildQB, Pyrolysis registered hope in the effectiveness of the collaboration. According to the CEO, the two commnunities share the same vision of enhancing interoperability across the metaverse and Web3 games. The CEO revealed that the collaboration will avail more exciting events for all gaming communities globally.

More so, Kit Gazinpoj of GuildFi illuminated the collaboration as well. Gazinpoj described how GuildFi on different occasions has watched out for projects that share similarities with it. Gazinpoj noted that the collaboration will enhance accessibility for all gaming communities globally.

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