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Free cryptocurrencies: How you can enjoy the trend


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As a subscriber to the world of cryptocurrencies, are you aware that you can earn free cryptocurrencies without expending a dime? Over time, the massive and indeed consistent growth recorded in the crypto industry has paved way for users to explore many remarkable opportunities, including staking, lending, trading, earning free crypto, and a host of others.

However, be guided that you don’t just earn free cryptocurrencies by doing nothing. Many of the crypto platforms offering such free offers usually mandate users or potential gainers to carry out certain endeavors in exchange for crypto rewards. Certainly, these endeavors vary and depend on the individual platforms offering such opportunities. To satisfy your yearnings, this article shall carefully examine many of those ways in which users tend to earn free crypto, the platforms and how they can all be explored.

Learning & Earning Free Cryptocurrencies

Without further ado, one of those techniques to earn free cryptocurrencies is subscribing to the learn and earn programmes of some crypto platforms. Today, many crypto exchanges Coinbase, CoinmarketCap, and others allow customers to earn by learning about cryptocurrencies and existing projects. They aid this by exposing participants to a series of educational videos about those projects in a bid to foster their understanding of them.

As a matter of fact, some crypto platforms offering this programme usually test participants at the end of each of the sessions. Participants who perform brilliantly get rewarded with a certain amount of crypto depending on the platform. Coinmarketcap, for instance, usually rewards only participants who secured 100% in the test with free crypto. The platform gives already determined free rewards to those who meet the requirement.

Unfortunately, CoinmarketCap still restricts users from some countries from benefiting from this free crypto opportunity. As of now, users from North Korea, Sudan, Iran, Belarus, Zimbabwe, and others appear restricted from participating. The situation remains similar in Coinbase, another platform offering learn-to-earn opportunities. The platform as of now only allows users from Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey, and others to participate in the offering.

Earning free crypto as a new user

Futhermore, some crypto exchanges usually reward new members with already predetermined free cryptocurrencies. Certainly, this also serves as another avenue for crypto users to rake free coins into their private wallets. As of now, the crypto exchanges offering new clients with such rewards entail Gemini, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and a host of others. The only requirement to access such a reward is registering as a new user on any of those platforms.

In Gemini, every new U.S client registering on the platform automatically secures a $7 ETH reward. More so, the exchange offers as huge as $50 free Bitcoin when new users carry out their first trading on the platform. However, Coinbase requires that new users buy their first crypto on the platform to access a $5 BTC reward registering. Even in BlockFi, new users aside from registering need to deposit at least $100 to get free $10 BTC rewards. These exchanges offering such privileges still consistently avail existing users with exciting bonuses.

Play-to-Earn Games

More so, users can also gather free cryptocurrencies by playing exclusive games. Normally, we play games to experience unlimited excitement and fun. Imagine getting to play these games and consequently earning free cryptocurrencies from the endeavors. However, the games involved are not just any games, but games specifically designed to reward gamers with cryptocurrencies for their gaming endeavors. Some of the games include Sandbox, Coin Hunt World, Axie Infinity, Crypto PopCoin, and a host of others.

Coin Hunt World, for instance, rewards gamers with free bitcoin and ethereum tokens. In this game, participants earn by solving vaults, collecting keys, opening boxes, and breaking ranks. Users with IOS devices or Androids can successfully install this game without any hitches. However, the play-to-earn feature of the game appears restricted to only US, Canada, El-Savador, and UK gamers. In Crypto Popcoin, users become mandated to group coins for the purpose of tapping to pop them. The play-to-earn game manifests in stages, with each requiring gamers to pop coins till the end. By so doing, they earn free cryptocurrencies based on the number of coined popped.

Airdrops in the crypto industry

Sometimes, developers of new crypto projects usually initiate airdrops in their native tokens. In general terms, airdrops mean giveaways done to give wide publicity to the project. The developers, sometimes request people to follow up their handles to access and enjoy the airdrops.

To set the records straight, the list of the ways of earning free cryptocurrencies seems endless. However, the aforementioned are the major and indeed, very consistent ways through which users can earn freely. However, it is important to advise users to be highly careful and vigilant in their pursuit of free crypto. They need to be wary of scammers parading themselves as developers in the industry. Many of them usually deceive users with free crypto to request private keys to users’ wallets.

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