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Find Satoshi Labs launches multi-chain NFT project


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Popular developers of STEPN, Find Satoshi Labs has launched the world first membership model multi-chain NFT, MOOAR and Launchpad on Solana and Ethereum. The firm announced the development in a blog post on Tuesday.

As announced, Find Satoshi Labs(FSL) intends to onboard and educate the next generation of users on Web3. According to the firm, the critical challenges affecting web3 industry have affected its adoption rate across the globe. global Web3 adoption. To address these challenges, FSL has continued to develop numerous front and back-end products.

In addition, FSL revealed that it has utilized and tested Web2 business models with the power of blockchain technology. Also, it looks forward to establishing life-changing and fun-filled products while maintaining its web3 community originality.

Find Satoshi Labs sees the unveiling of MOOAR as the next step in building it’s ecosystem

According to Find Satoshi Labs, the launch of MOOAR signals emerged as the next step in building its ecosystem. MOOAR is expected to stand alongside STEPN and DOOAR to give FSL native $GMT tokens further utilities and value. Notably, MOOAR launchpad and voting mechanic acts as a community driven hackathon while using $GMT.

Notably, MOOAR utilizes a unique business model that requires no optional royalties. It also requires a 0% service fee and a membership system. The firm also revealed its plan to empower creators and traders in the NFT industry.

Worth noting that MOOAR, according to Find Satoshi Labs, runs as a Profile picture(PFP), creator-centric NFT marketplace. As revealed, the MOOAR marketplace remains a project dedicated to adding utility to PFP NFTs. Also, the MOOAR project will ensure royalties are honored. Generally, the marketplace possesses a 0.5-10% and 2% default when a new collection becomes minted.

Furthermore, Find Satoshi Labs says MOOAR marketplace comprises of NFT marketplace and the NFT launchpad. The project incorporates two essential services for the NFT space into a single platform. Now, users seems eligible to purchase their favorite NFTs and vote for their favorite project on the launchpad. Also, users enjoys the opportunity of gaining account levels for more perks.

Notably, users must pay a $29.90 monthly subscription Fee. With this payment, users get unrestricted access to the entire MOOAR product without a service charge. In addition, Find Satoshi Labs also offers free membership in MOOAR to users who fulfill the laid down criteria. FSL expresses its excitement to introduce an alternative NFT marketplace to the space. This development, as reported, makes the protocol the first marketplace to adopt a membership model for MOOAR.

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