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Google Cloud initiates Blockchain Node Engine service on Ethereum


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In a blog post today, Google Cloud has announced the launching of its Blockchain Node Engine to provide advanced services for Web 3.0 firms. With the development, Google Cloud has eliminated the manual way of deploying nodes that is time-consuming. Now, the Blockchain Node Engine will make the process swift and seamless by aiding developers to deploy a new node via a single operation.

Meanwhile, the announcement indicates that Ethereum is the first blockchain supported by the newly launched Node Engine. Therefore, aiding developers to manage Ethereum nodes with secure access. Nodes will fall under the protection realms of other Google Cloud services such as Cloud Armor. The protection will be against DDoS attacks.

The Blockchain Node Engine provides security configurations that can eliminate unapproved access to nodes. The Engine will place nodes behind the Virtual Private Cloud firewall, giving access to only trusted machines. Likewise, users will be able to communicate with the client’s endpoints. This initiative will provide more options to users that intend to protect their blockchain system.

More so, the announcement describes Blockchain Node Engine as a fully managed service. With the innovation, Google Cloud will monitor the nodes and restart them whenever there is an outage. The Engine will save projects the financial burden of retaining a dedicated DevOps team. This will manifest as a result of Google Cloud’s service level agreement (SLA). With that, the Node Engine will let the DevOps team monitor the user base without worrying about the state of the project’s system.

In the announcement, Google Cloud disclosed that it’s looking forward to assisting organizations with reliable, easy-to-use blockchain node hosting services. The firm indicated that the Blockchain Node Engine will aid organizations to focus on innovating and scaling their Web 3.0 applications.

Introduction of Blockchain Node Engine as part Google’s Cloud embracment of Web 3.0

Before now, Google Cloud has been making advancements toward Web 3.0 initiatives. The firm is one of the giant tech organizations that has been leading the charge for the transition into Web 3.0. Recall that Binbits reported that the firm partnered with Coinbase on a Web 3.0 project.

The recent introduction of the Blockchain Node Engine by Google Cloud highlights the firm’s commitment to Web 3.0. Gradually, the firm is finding its feet in the decentralized internet sector.

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