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Chainlink partners DeSpread to fast track adoption of its Web3 services in South Korea


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In a bid to drive the adoption of Chainlink and BUILD projects in South Korea, Chainlink Labs has collaborated with DeSpread. According to a blog post published today, Chainlink Labs will leverage the strength of its new partner to engage Web3 users in the region and push for the advancement of its ecosystem. In the announcement, the firm described DeSpread as a consulting firm that specializes in Web3 technologies. 

More so, the announcement recalled how DeSpreaed has aided the mass adoption of Web3 projects in South Korea. Additionally, Chainlink Labs illuminated how the firm has supported numerous Web3 startups with relevant strategies and growth services. With that, DeSpread has been able to assist projects within the Web3 space in enhancing their user base in the country. 

Furthermore, the partnership will see DeSpread help publish educational and research materials to push the embracement of services belonging to its new partner. Also, DeSpread will support the Chainlink ecosystem by assisting startups to access Web3 services belonging to the firm. Consequently, driving the expansion of Chainlink BUILD projects. Likewise, as announced, the consultant will help establish a synergy between its new partner and local stakeholders in the country. 

As revealed, DeSpread will also help translate technical documents about Chainlink services into Korean. As intended, the move will aid prospective users to understand the pros and cons of the project. Meanwhile, the new partners will synergize to design community-oriented marketing strategies and materials. 

As announced, the consulting firm has a team that consists of experts from various fields. These fields are layer-1 chains, DeFi, NFT, the metaverse, and Web3 gaming. Therefore, DeSpread through the team will be able to provide technical support for projects within the Chainlink ecosystem that focuses on the aforementioned sectors. 

Lately, Chainlink has focused sternly on the advancement of its ecosystem. Prior to the collaboration with DeSpread, on May 2, 2023, the firm gave approval to PLEXUS to join its BUILD program. Then, the move surfaced as an attempt to push the adoption of the firm’s cross-chain DEX aggregator. 

Likewise, On April 17, 2023, reports surfaced about how Chainlink provided support for Gravity Finance’s Silos, a DeFi  automation and risk management tool. However, these efforts are pushing Chainlink into the limelight in the blockchain space. Now, the collaboration with DeSpread will complement these efforts and enhance the adoption of the firm’s services. 

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