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Aura Network, LD capital to push NFT adoption in Asia


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In a bid to expand its presence in the Asian crypto market, Aura Network has collaborated with LD Capital. According to a thread of tweets on its official handle, the firm provided insights into collaboration.

As per the announcement, Aura Network revealed that the collaboration will mark a milestone as it pursues to expand its market presence in Asia. As stated in the announcement, the firm described LD Capital as a leading crypto fund with a global footprint.

More so, Aura Network indicated that it will leverage LD Capital’s expertise and strength to aid its expansion into Asia. Consequently, the firm disclosed that the region holds huge potential for Blockchain and NFT adoption.

The firm went on to disclose how it’ll focus on providing new opportunities in the Web3 space with the support of LD Capital. Also, Aura Network will as well work on availing some of its innovative solutions to users across the globe. 

Additionally, through the collaboration, Aura Network will seek to establish a good relationship with crucial stakeholders in Asia. The firm went on to cite the importance of collaborating with stakeholders to help enhance the growth of its Web3 ecosystem. Likewise, the firm highlighted how some distinctive attributes of its new partner will help in actualizing the pursuit. 

The organization established that it shares a similar ideology with LD Capital. Aura Network explained how the two firms are focused on driving innovation and fostering the adoption of NFT technology. The firm added that it will work alongside LD Capital to establish a more interconnected and inclusive NFT landscape in the region. 

The increasing attention of Aura Network toward driving NFT adoption in Asia

Before the recent collaboration, Aura Network through various collaborations has emphasized its commitment towards driving the adoption of NFT in Asia. On April 19, 2023, the firm collaborated with ONUS Chain to drive the adoption of Web3 in Southeast Asia. 

According to reports, the two organizations partnered to design new use cases for NFTs. Furthermore, Aura Network and ONUS Chain will combine forces to avail other blockchain-based innovations to users in the region.

Similarly, the collaboration with LD Capital surfaced as part of the firm’s global expansion strategy. Lastly, the organization established that it is excited by the opportunities that come with the collaboration. The firm is confident that it will have a positive impact on its users. 

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