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Ecosystem advancement; PLEXUS joins Chainlink BUILD program


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In a blog post today, PLEXUS announced that it has joined the BUILD program of Chainlink. According to the announcement, PLEXUS said its participation in the program will aid the long-term adoption of its cross-chain DEX aggregator.

To actualize this pursuit, the project will leverage the Oracle services and technical support of Chainlink. With the listed support, PLEXUS revealed that it is confident that its innovation will gain more recognition among crypto enthusiasts.

Further insight into the pursuit of more adoption indicated how PLEXUS will enjoy a pathway to incentivizing crypto economic security. Also, the firm added that it will offer network fees and other incentives to the Chainlink community.

Additionally, the project indicated that the recent development will improve its integration with Chainlink. PLEXUS emphasized how it will enjoy priority support from the Chainlink ecosystem. As announced, the participation will enhance the incentive alignment between the two communities. 

Accordingly, PLEXUS noted that with the above-listed benefits of participating in the BUILD program, its innovation will gain proper adoption. Therefore, aiding the realization of the adoption of a secure and seamless cross-chain decentralized trading experience.

The firm went on to provide more insights into the decision of participating in the program. PLEXUS recalled how the decision surfaced in an effort to enjoy the security and reliability of the Oracle infrastructure of Chainlink. 

Another incentive PLEXUS is bound to enjoy due to its participation in the BUILD program is the integration of Chainlink Oracle Price Feeds. The firm emphasized how it will leverage the price feeds to calculate cross-chain swaps properly. In addition, the firm will be listed as part of the beneficiaries of any future project from Chainlink. This includes access to the alpha and beta releases of the project.

Meanwhile, the CEO of PLEXUS, OSY provided more dimensions to the latest development. According to OSY, the firm joined the program to enjoy “industry standard oracle services, technical support, and robust crypto-economic model. The CEO revealed how the firm will leverage the support to enhance the security of its natively cross-chain DEX aggregator. 

While registering their excitement over the participation, OSY went on to welcome the Chainlink community into the PLEXUS ecosystem. Lastly, the CEO added that the firm is looking forward to continuing its collaboration with Chainlink. 

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David Idowu
David Idowu
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