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Worldcoin extends collaboration to enhance support for Optimism


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The Worldcoin Foundation and protocol contributors at Tools for Humanity have announced support for Optimism Collective. As revealed in a blog post today, the support will see the creation of a scalable blockchain ecosystem designed on the OP Stack.

According to the announcement, the development surfaced as a result of the efforts to make Worldcoin an open and freely available network. The latest development will see committing ownership in the hands of community members to create a pathway for the global economy. 

Consequently, one of the prominent fruits of the collaboration is the launching of a privacy-oriented decentralized protocol on OP Mainnet. Also, it will facilitate the migration of TFH’s World App to OP mainnet. Worth mentioning that the TFH’s World App is the first wallet that aids transactions using Worldcoin, virtual assets, and stablecoins.

Additionally, deploying the wallet on OP Mainnet will enhance users’ access, aiding Worldcoin to attract more users. Presently, the wallet has attracted about 500,000 monthly active users with more than 1.6 million sing-ups in its Beta version.

More so, the announcement indicated how Optimism Collective is developing an economic engine that pushes positive-sum games. The pursuit prioritizes decentralized identity to empower individuals to have control over their finances. With that, users will be able to participate in the global economy according to their own preferences. 

Meanwhile, adding World ID to OP Mainnet will set the background for scaling the future home of web3 identity and governance. The addition will enhance the strength of some top projects on the network. Community members of the two projects will work together to set up inclusive and open identity primitives. The features can be utilized by any user through all the applications across the Superchain and the overlapping words.

The growth of Worldcoin 

The existing collaboration between the two firms can be traced back to December 2020. At the inception of their collaboration, Ethereum rollups haven’t gained much attention. Likewise, the World App beta started on Hubble which is an optimistic rollup designed for simple payment. However, when demand for the project began to soar the Hubble network couldn’t keep up. Therefore, birthing the transfer of the project to Polygon PoS. 

The transfer laid the foundation for the collaboration between Worldcoin and Optimism. Since they’ve collaborated, the two firms have shown a stern commitment to establishing scalability that’ll unearth the maximum potential cryptocurrency. Lastly, their efforts pushed the evolution of identity on the blockchain to a noticeable height.

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David Idowu
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