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Bybit partners luxury watch brand, Franck Muller for product advancement


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One of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, Bybit has announced a collaboration with Swiss watch manufacturer, Franck Muller. The cryptocurrency exchange announced the collaboration in a blog post today. In the announcement, Bybit established that it’ll initiate new campaigns alongside its new partners. This campaign, as announced, will establish how the cutting-edge technology of Bybit and the timeless craftsmanship of Franck Muller can synergize to enhance their respective clients’ experiences. 

Also, the announcement revealed how the two partners will work on designing a co-branded card for their respective customers. The card according to Bybit will serve as a payment solution for Franck Muller users on its official website. Bybit also revealed how the design of the card will reflect the mantra and vision of the two partners. Meanwhile, the card is designed to let Franck Muller customers enjoy a certain discount whenever they make a purchase from retailers that supported the initiative. 

Additionally, the new collaboration will birth the creation of an exclusive game crafted for gaming enthusiasts. Bybit as a result of this partnership will contribute to the development of the game. The cryptocurrency exchange will help develop a collection of NFTs that’ll feature iconic characters and weapons from the game. Likewise, the exchange will take charge of organizing weekly prizes for top players. 

Reaction to the collaboration between Bybit and Franck Muller 

Meanwhile, the co-founder and CEO of Bybit, Ben Zhou provided more insights into the collaboration with Franck Muller. According to the CEO, the crypto exchange will focus on enhancing users’ experience as a result of the collaboration. He went on to establish how the two firms shared almost the same ideology. Ben Zhou described Franck Muller as a “brand whose values of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design are closely aligned with our own.”

Ben Zhou expressed confidence about how the development of the co-branded card and the exclusive game will suit the preference of customers of Bybit and Franck Muller. Further, the CEO disclosed that the collaboration will help Bybit enhance its reach. He added that it will also provide the crypto exchange a way of appreciating its users for their commitment and patronage. 

Similarly, the Managing Director of Franck Muller, Erol Baliyan also reflected on the collaboration. The submission of the  Executive also illuminated that of Ben Zhou. Erol Baliyan stated that the two firms share the same passion for innovation. Also, the Director illuminated how the two partners will focus on revolutionizing how people perceive and embrace cryptocurrency and luxury in the virtual and physical space. Lastly, the Managing Director opined that the collaboration with Bybit will open up numerous possibilities. 

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